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LAHS Graduate Wins Presidency of Croatia

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, LAHS class of 1986, just won presidency of Croatia.  In a close runoff election, she won 50.43% of the vote, defeating the incumbent Ivo Josipovic who got 49.57%.

Mrs. Grabar-Kitarovic was an exchange student in Los Alamos during her senior year of high school.  She became a Croatian diplomat and served as the assistant to NATO secretary general, before winning the presidency of Croatia.  She  is probably the first LAHS graduate to become the president of any country.

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Drug Trafficking

I find the article on the Drug Trafficking arrests misleading with the inclusion of the specific charges and mug shots.  Two of the people weren't charged with anything having to do with drugs, according to the charges.  To include their information in this article is, in my opinion, misleading and unfair to them.  Unless people carefully read the charges associated with each person carefully, they will be lumped in with those who did have drug-related charges.  That's a very sad thing, and it gives me pause to think once again, that the Monitor is interested in sensationalism and that information published is misleading.  I understand readership has declined...please be more responsible in your reporting.  Ruining reputations in a small town as ours by including this misleading information is inexcusable.

Police Beat

I'm curious as to the Monitor's interest in highlighting the Police Beat by publishing photos of some people who are arrested and not others, and actually publishing them at all.  Sure there's a clause that states that just because your photo or name are in the Police Beat, that doesn't mean you're guilty...but it sure taints the reader towards judging the people in there.  Just like the same statement says use of the word "arrest" doesn't necessarily mean what most people and dictionaries think it means

Abandoned, unsafe Duplex in Western area.

  I just wanted to get some input from the community on what the county should do about a burned out, boarded up duplex in the western area.  It has been a trashy looking Eye Sore to our neighborhood for the last four years.  The residents of the neighborhood have signed a petition and taken it to the county council who offered no path forward. There have been many offers made to purchase the home and also bids from contractors to tear it down but the owner refuses to settle for either one. This home not only has a negative impact on community value, but also creates conditions that invite criminal activity and foster an environment that is unsafe and unhealthy for the children of our community.

How does it feel to have a choice?

How do you feel about having a choice of two grocery store's at which to shop in Los Alamos now that the Los Alamos Cooperative Market has opened?

Quality of life in Los Alamos

If you could pick just one thing to improve your quality of experience living and/or working in Los Alamos, what would it be?

Trinity Site redevelopment

What sort or retail, restaurants, and entertainment venues would you most like to see for the Trinity Site?

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