• How many of you have taken part in the county’s budget hearings?

    Not many, judging by the crowds. And to be honest, other than our reporter covering the event, not many at the paper have either.

    It is hard to sit through these long sessions, filled with numbers, projections and suppositions.

    But it has to be done and it is one of the many reasons that those who are willing to serve us deserve some credit.

  • Have you been to the Motor Vehicle Department lately? No?

    Neither has anybody else.

    When you go to the MVD, you don’t know whether the staff will have the answers to your assorted registration-related questions. You can’t say whether you’ll pass the vision test. As you set out on your journey to the department’s office on Central Avenue, you know only one thing for sure: You’ll have to wait your turn.

  • Well, the long, anticipated wait for the nation’s 47th state to reveal its quarter ended last week when – what was called Multicultural New Mexico – showcased its new  coin. And was it ever worth the wait.Here we have, after a contest, years of anticipation and hype a quarter with the outline of the state and the Zia symbol.Oh, you’re waiting for the other shoe?  There is not going to be one – that is it.

  • If you are a keen newspaper observer you may have noticed something a bit different about today’s Monitor: it is a little smaller.It is very appropriate that during the time of the Earth Day celebration, we have made a move to help save a small part of the environment.The Monitor – as of today – is being printed on 24-inch paper, a reduction of one inch in the width from our previous paper.This slight reduction will have a no impact on news, photos or other content, and a very minimal impact on advertising, as the difference will be a

  • One of the greatest frauds in recent history is the story we have been sold on term limits.We are told they are good for us, will clean up politics and government. We are told it will be good for democracy.Nothing is further from the truth. And this ignores the fact that we have always had limits on how long someone can serve – it is called an election.All term limits do is take good people, who have gained experience, knowledge and an understanding of the process and force them out.For what reason?

  • As the county gets ready to discuss its budget with the council – and us – there are some things that need understanding.

  • One of the easiest things to do is be a Monday morning quarterback.

  • White Rock’s master planIt has taken a lot of work, but the plan the county has been promoting for White Rock is nearly ready for public view.And we join everyone in holding our collective breath.Not often is government the best source of private enterprise, so we are holding our judgment here.

  • The old battle between economics and the environment is melting away under the combined pressures of overpopulation, global warming, costly energy and resource depletion. For new generations of commercial and civic leaders, environmentalism is no longer a dirty word.

  • While we are glad to see that there is some talk of getting the reservoir in Los Alamos Canyon repaired and working again, we wish the county would do more.

  • Major political parties send out questionnaires to get a handle on how their members feel about certain issues.They are rigged, of course, the questions phrased in such a way as to invite only one response.Here’s an actual question from a list recently sent to Republican Party members:• Do you support the election of Republican candidates across the country and the rebuilding of our majorities over the next 10 years?Yes. No. Undecided.(Shoot no.

  • Los Alamos Medical Center joined with hospitals and other healthcare organizations throughout the country in marking National Patient Safety Awareness Week recently.

  • While some say the governor’s actions regarding the statewide capital financing package were not politically motivated, it is really hard not to see that in his veto.

  • While some say the governor’s actions regarding the statewide capital financing package were not politically motivated, it is really hard not to see that in his veto.

  • Yes, dear friend, Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday.

  • Some common sense welcomeThe news that Gov.

  • The news coming out of Atomic City Transit has been pretty good.Since the county took over the bus service in October, picking up and dropping off passengers throughout the county, ridership has shown a huge increase.The county service, initiated Oct. 1, reportedly had a stable ridership at about 7,000 passenger trips per month. But in January, passenger trips climbed to 11,910, with passenger trip totals for White Rock more than doubling.This is good news.

  • Reports from the end of the recent legislative session suggest that there was a drop in lobbyist spending. But was there?

    This report for the session this year is after the state enacted a limit on the value of gifts given to elected and appointed state officials, legislators and state employees during last year’s session.

  • There was a report in the AP that former Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron reportedly spent $6.4 million in federal money on a voter education ad campaign during the 2004 and 2006 election cycles.

  • Legislature battles Richardson As the legislative session ended Thursday, one could only wonder at the turn of events. What would have been unthinkable two years ago – and barely hinted at last year – occurred.The Legislature stood up to the governor. How the mighty has fallen.Once a political juggernaut, the governor could not even pull together a consensus within his own party to push through his legislative agenda.