• There was a report in the AP that former Secretary of State Rebecca Vigil-Giron reportedly spent $6.4 million in federal money on a voter education ad campaign during the 2004 and 2006 election cycles.

  • Legislature battles Richardson As the legislative session ended Thursday, one could only wonder at the turn of events. What would have been unthinkable two years ago – and barely hinted at last year – occurred.The Legislature stood up to the governor. How the mighty has fallen.Once a political juggernaut, the governor could not even pull together a consensus within his own party to push through his legislative agenda.

  • We find it hard not to laugh at Santa Fe’s vote opposing plutonium pit production at Los Alamos.

    Even without the great animosity felt by this community for ours, this vote would be laughable.We would urge the city council to focus on Santa Fe and fix their poor roads, and do something about their rampant crime, poverty and other problems. Santa Fe should leave national security matters – of which they truly know nothing – to the people who do.And they should focus their energies on helping the residents of that city.

  • Well, our government once again did something we simply cannot understand.

    Saying they want to fight a possible recession, they passed an emergency plan that will “rush” rebates of $600 to $1,200 to most taxpayers, as well as $300 checks to disabled veterans, the elderly and other low-income people.

    Of course, these checks will not come until May or June and cost the government – er, us – some $168 billion. Money that will have to come from somewhere – like more taxes later.

  • As Democrats prepared to examine about 17,000 provisional ballots that would determine a winner in New Mexico’s presidential caucus, many were very critical of Democratic Party officials for how they managed the election.

  • History is a precious and perhaps debatable thing. One man’s piece of art is another man’s junk.That’s how it goes.But in general terms, we think that most people would agree that items of historical significance should be protected and honored.

  • The New Mexico House has passed a bill establishing forms of domestic partnerships in the state, allowing non-traditional couples to have the same rights and benefits as married couples.We think this is a matter whose time has come.

  • It is hard to understand just how much Los Alamos is disliked in the state. But it seems to almost border on insanity.

  • Los Alamos County is making great, big, verdant strides toward collecting and safely disposing of household wastes. We hope these steps stand as a sign of more conservation and recycling efforts to come – both from the county and its residents.The county’s Solid Waste Division is well on its way toward building collection stations for motor oil, antifreeze, paints, fluorescent tubes and other difficult-to-dispose-of household items.

  • A couple of weeks ago, Rep. Steve Pearce came to Los Alamos to talk to local residents and address LANL employees.This week, Rep. Tom Udall was here to do the same.

  • We agree with those who say that of all things funded by the state and local governments, education is at the top of the list.There is little else more important than our children and helping to prepare them for the future. Boosting teacher pay is one way to work toward this end.But it is not the only way – as many like to say.More and more teacher pay in New Mexico has gone up and up.

  • An undisclosed evaluationThe news that the National Nuclear Security Administration has evaluated Los Alamos National Laboratory’s performance for last year and settled its accounts with Los Alamos National Security, LLC, under the cover of secrecy is disturbing.Some may be suspicious that the federal government has let its problem-prone creation too easily off the hook for the management partnership’s first 18 months of what has been, to say the least, a rocky road.Others may believe Washington has once again made a scapegoa

  • The job of county government is to answer hard questions with the help of and on behalf of the community.

  • While we understand the disappointment of the local skateboarders, we think that the council’s decision to rethink the skate park was the right one.One of our community’s greatest assets is the library  – and every T should be crossed and every I dotted before that landmark is used for something other than books and book-related activities.While we are not sure that the site next to the Community Center is the best choice, the council is right in taking a look there – and we hope in other places as well.One thing we like ver

  • Accidental shootings are a major problem in this country.

  • Well, we did it again. We are number one.But few of us would want to be on the top of this list.

  • After his terrible showing in Iowa, Bill Richardson says he will campaign on.

  • We are not a proponent of governmental interference in our lives. But there are times when for the general health and safety of society, government has a real role.