• Dear Editor,

    My friend Joe recently died. He built my favorite trail - one that gets me quickly from my home in the Western Area to my job at the lab. The day after he died, I'm invited to tour this trail with some county officials and a friend - a "concerned citizen," who wants to know exactly where the new bypass road will go and how it will affect this trail.

  • Dear Editor,

    I want to express my deep sadness - even dismay - at the rather dismal response to our community's United Way campaign. The 6-percent Los Alamos National Laboratory employee participation rate (as of Friday) is simply shocking.

  • Dear Editor,

    There are many communities served by your United Way of Northern New Mexico Service area.

  • For many years, consumers living in apartments and condos have been enjoying the benefits of multichannel television service provided through freely negotiated service agreements between the television service providers (multichannel video programming distributors – or MVPDs – like cable TV and private cable companies) and the owners or managers of the apartments and condos where they live (multi-dwelling units or MDUs).

  • I disagree with the notion that we can pour as much water on our lawns as we want while exhorting the rest of the state to solve “their” water problem. That has been the gist of numerous suggestions in recent months that we need not conserve water in Los Alamos.

    We live in a dry region. The water supply and usage patterns in Los Alamos may be different than in much of the state, but that gives us neither moral nor political license to waste such a precious resource.

  • New Mexico needs a franchise quarterback. Someone who can think deep, throw long, shake off the sack, rally the troops, charge ahead.

    We're down by a field goal with 54 seconds on the clock. Who's going to take time out, devise a strategy, march us down the field?

    We're not talking football here. This isn't about the Lobos or Aggies. This is about the government shutting down Cannon, cutting back at Los Alamos, shaving jobs at WIPP, withholding homeland security law enforcement funds from Farmington.

  • Dear Editor,

    I would like to express my support for the planned skateboard park in front of Mesa Public Library. Our Comprehensive Plan, adopted by our county council in 2005, includes 14 directives. Two of those are to enhance youth activities and to improve recreation. The development of a downtown skateboard park would address these directives and go a long way in showing that our community values our youth and recognizes their needs.

  • Dear Editor,

    You were right! "Dracula" was a wonderful production. A friend and I attended Saturday afternoon's performance and got seats in the third row. This was my first ballet ever - at least my first live performance.

    How lucky are we living in a town this size to experience talent like that. NMDT can count on my support in the future. Thanks to you all for a memorable afternoon.

    Steven G. Shaw

  • Dear Editor,

    We can only hope that your anointment of Ron Dolin as "spokesman for LANL workers" is rapidly seen for the nonsense it is. The so-called "Save Our Science" rally was nothing more than political grandstanding, as was clearly evident as the politicos and special interests far out-numbered the handful of employees present in the whopping 30-40 people that reportedly attended the "event" - and speeches were nothing more than sound bites intended for easy media copy instead of any true substance.

  • Dear Editor,

    More thought is certainly needed for the location(s) of a skateboard park. I do not think adjacent to the library, museum and police-municipal-judicial complex is the right location - or even the best location.

    Integrating with an existing recreation area, open park or park-like space makes better sense. If another skateboard facility is needed (not part of Urban Park), then a good candidate is the open area between Canyon Road and Central (currently grass), immediately east of the old school (rented to the lab).

  • Like it or not, trick-or-treaters will be running around Wednesday evening. We need to make it as safe a time as possible.

    Halloween is a time of fun for children, but it can be a scary for parents and drivers. Children are often out after dark, crossing busy streets and perhaps going to unfamiliar homes.

    This year, with Halloween falling on a school day, drivers need to be particularly cautious.

  • What began as an upbeat reception ended in disappointment a week ago Monday in Santa Fe when presidential candidate Bill Richardson ignored two requests to address his position on Los Alamos National Laboratory.

    Given the financial uncertainties plaguing LANL and Sandia National Laboratories, we thought the former secretary of energy and our current governor would jump at the chance to clear up the conflicting messages he's recently expressed on the subject.

    We were wrong.