• Well, we did it again. We are number one.But few of us would want to be on the top of this list.

  • After his terrible showing in Iowa, Bill Richardson says he will campaign on.

  • We are not a proponent of governmental interference in our lives. But there are times when for the general health and safety of society, government has a real role.

  • 2008It has been a rough year. The ups and downs of the lab’s budget put a lot of people under a lot of stress.And that stress was not limited to laboratory employees.As they say, Los Alamos is the lab and the lab is Los Alamos. When it suffers, we all suffer. And many local businesses had a rough year.There were many serious matters facing us this past year - many of which have yet to be resolved.

  • As the United Way announced that it had made – and surpassed – its 2007 campaign goal at it awards banquet Monday a lot of congratulations went around.

  • New Mexico’s economy could have been $3.1 billion richer if all the state’s students who started high school in 2003 had graduated last spring, according to a report by an education advocacy group.

  • If any of you came away from Tuesday’s county council meeting confused, you are not alone.

  • We are not sure if it was because almost everyone here has some kind of lab connection  or that they just didn’t want any more bad news during the holidays, but the lab’s meeting at the high school was not well attended.

  • We have to agree with Rep. Tom Udall, D-N.M., when he said that Los Alamos National Laboratory has a bright future.

  • The council debated the West Jemez bypass project at its meeting Tuesday. We have to wonder why they bothered.

  • There is a political truism where one never lets the whole truth get in the way of a good story.

  • We know that you’ve the talk of shopping locally, how much it means to the area and all the good it does.

    Well, unlike a lot of things you hear, this one is totally true.

    Shopping locally helps provide for local services and amenities – like parks and libraries – and provides jobs to many local people.

    Shopping locally helps everyone.

  • There is some good news as a result to the high fuel prices – the state has a lot of money to spend.

  • The spirit of cooperation and collaboration seen emerging between Los Alamos Public Schools and UNM-Los Alamos is a very welcome change.

  • I’ve had an odd week. Not odd as if I suddenly liked marmalade, but a disconcerting, unfamiliar odd – as if the innate spectacularness of the universe swooned into some black hole, leaving only a glaring, poorly constructed meta-fiction for me to inhabit.I shouldn’t blame the universe. It’s my body. A physiological, hopefully fleeing catastrophe has obliterated my ability to dance, play tennis, go for a trail run or even work. Sitting at my desk has become too strenuous. Driving home. Making tea.

  • Back when 529 was under debate, one of the concerns/ issues was the omnibus nature of the ordinance. It placed many in the difficult position of voting for something one was against in order to vote for something one agreed with, or, conversely, voting for something wanted in order to vote against something not wanted.

  • There are several reasons why the LAHS boys’ victory in the state cross country 4A finals should have been on the front page of Sunday’s paper instead of the back page. Academy, ranked number two in the entire USA, had beaten Los Alamos four times during the season and were overwhelming favorites. They scored two of the top three places in the race and had three very fast runners to back them up.

  • Thank you, Mr. Pawlak, for answering my letter precisely as I expected someone in this audience to answer: “Well heck, let’s just blame those greedy, evil doctors for malpractice!”  Honestly, I have seldom met more dedicated and concerned human beings than doctors, and I include doctors worldwide for that matter!