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  • Health care in need of national reform

    As we were preparing to embark on an effort to reform our state’s health care system in this year’s legislative session, a newspaper cartoon caught my eye. Titled “The simplified health care program,” it showed two street vendors of the hotdog-stand variety. One of them offered “Fried Stuff” for $1.

  • MLK Day an opportunity

    Dear Editor,

  • 'Tax credit' piece not researched

    Dear Editor,

  • Let the skate park roll!

    L The kids are angry. They were led to believe they would be skating at the new park this summer. I can’t blame them for being upset, with things looking good for the park and then only to have the rug pulled out from under them at the 11th hour.A brand new site has been anointed by council. The Council voted to get a completely new proposal based on this new site before moving forward. In all likelihood this change of plans will cause major delays that will make it impossible to complete the project by this summer.

  • Off and On: Don’t get scammed: What to watch for

    Going around the Internet now is a scam from someone claiming to be from the IRS saying that you have a refund and all you need to do is give some banking and debit information and its yours.Please, don’t believe it.If anyone contacts you by phone or e-mail and asks you for any personal information, run for the hills!And then call the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General’s Office. They report that they receive thousands of inquiries annually.

  • Aliens are cool after all

    As a service to our readers, I took a little time off to cover the Rose Bowl Parade, thus providing a first-hand account of the reception to the New Mexico float.Note I was the only New Mexico columnist to make this sacrifice. Please, a little applause here.OK, it wasn’t like going off to Iraq in a flak jacket, but surviving Los Angeles traffic where a million other folks want to do the same thing you want to do is no trivial accomplishment.Your humble correspondent wasn’t the only New Mexican there to gaze upon our float.

  • County quandary

    The job of county government is to answer hard questions with the help of and on behalf of the community.

  • Thinking Makes It So: And here's to you, Joe Fazio

    Thank you for your comments! Last week’s “Thinking Makes It So” discussed the sparkling miasma of mystery surrounding one Joe Fazio, who remains at the top of Poemhunter.com’s “Top 500 Poets,” well above Dylan Thomas, John Keats, William Carlos Williams and Robert Frost, and a full 46 poets ahead of Edna St. Vincent Millay, the elegant sonneteer.One nonplussed reader, whom I’ll refer to as Anthony, said he found it peculiar that Fazio’s name only tops the “complete list” of the Top 500.