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  • County quandary

    The job of county government is to answer hard questions with the help of and on behalf of the community.

  • Thinking Makes It So: And here's to you, Joe Fazio

    Thank you for your comments! Last week’s “Thinking Makes It So” discussed the sparkling miasma of mystery surrounding one Joe Fazio, who remains at the top of Poemhunter.com’s “Top 500 Poets,” well above Dylan Thomas, John Keats, William Carlos Williams and Robert Frost, and a full 46 poets ahead of Edna St. Vincent Millay, the elegant sonneteer.One nonplussed reader, whom I’ll refer to as Anthony, said he found it peculiar that Fazio’s name only tops the “complete list” of the Top 500.

  • Skate park decision right one

    While we understand the disappointment of the local skateboarders, we think that the council’s decision to rethink the skate park was the right one.One of our community’s greatest assets is the library  – and every T should be crossed and every I dotted before that landmark is used for something other than books and book-related activities.While we are not sure that the site next to the Community Center is the best choice, the council is right in taking a look there – and we hope in other places as well.One thing we like ver

  • Off and on: Richardson still doing his job

    It seems the campaign for president did not keep Gov.

  • Identity theft: Companies should pay

    Dear Editor,

    Roger Snodgrass’ article on identity theft (Wednesday, Jan. 2) was inspired by the recent compromise of Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) computers that contained personal information such as Social Security numbers. Snodgrass quotes Wally McCorkle as saying the incident called for “extreme vigilance” and the article further quoted McCorkle with suggestions for one to pursue.

  • Couldn't $14 million be better used?

    Dear Editor,

    Now that the Ski Hill has opened, and the old West Road has been reopened, it may be useful to note this anecdote from Deanna Morgan Kirby’s book, “Just Crazy to Ski” (Los Alamos Historical Society, 2003, p. 44):

    “(In 1947), just to reach Sawyer’s Hill was a unique challenge. ‘You had a lot of handicaps,’ said Luther Rickerson.

  • Pink guns simply a bad idea

    Accidental shootings are a major problem in this country.

  • State. No. 1 – in accidental deaths

    Well, we did it again. We are number one.But few of us would want to be on the top of this list.