Today's Opinions

  • Health care isn't simple issue

    Dear Editor,

    Mr. Dave’s letter citing horror stories of nationalized health care plans in other countries left me very confused. Is he saying that our health care situation is good, or that it’s just not as bad as it could be? Those are two very different stances. I do think it’s an issue well worth discussing – but both sides should be given reasonble credence and consideration.

  • This professor deserves an award

    The New Mexico State Aggies are trailing 56-zip with five minutes to go and the stadium is as quiet as a church pew the day after Christmas. Except for one guy.That’s Mac on the 50-yard line, waving his arms and yelling. “Still plenty of time left, guys!” This is not a “glass is half full” kind of guy. This is a “glass is brimming with expensive French wine and they are still pouring” kind of guy.

  • We must all take part

    As our wise and far-sighted administration prepares for war against Iran and tries to bring the nation (that’s us) to support its folly, I think it would be good to recall a few words from the much elder statesman: Mark Twain.

    “In religion and politics people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination.”

  • Nine trillion small

    I enjoyed Terry Goldman’s rebuttal letter. Aside from learning how many cells are in the human body (I do love trivia), his discussion on considering the National Debt/GNP ratio is a sound approach. But to say that a $9 trillion debt is “not inordinately huge” was surprising. I hadn’t thought it would be necessary to address ND/GNP ratios to convince anyone that a $9 trillion debt is a ... umm ... bad thing.

  • Skateboard park vote necessary

    The council’s vote on proceeding with the planned skateboard park in front of Mesa Public Library was a necessary action.While it was good to see those who were concerned with the project speaking up and offering options, the option they offered – the parking lot south of the Community Building – was not a viable option.Like it or not – and most people do like it – parking is a necessary evil.

  • Candidates release details of fundraising

    The Associated Press had an interesting little story last week on fundraising. It reported on details from the candidates’ fundraising reports.We have stated before that more and more our elections are for sale to the highest bidder and this report does not defuse that argument.It is a tragedy that it has come to this, but in a free society we see little that can be done.Anyway, here is some of the AP report.

  • Trinity Site realities and alternatives

    Is anyone promoting the proposed Trinity Site development willing to mention the two-ton elephant in the room? This elephant represents the situation at LANL, brought on by privatization incurring tens of millions in new gross receipts tax (GRT) obligations to New Mexico and unprecedented management fees being paid out of the LANL budget. Currently no one understands what the effects of the FY2008 federal budget will be on LANL.

  • Idea sounds good but can it be done?

    Our very own Democratic presidential candidate Bill Richardson told a Florida group that the U.S. should pay teachers a minimum of $40,000 a year, add a federal student arts program and cover student loans for two years in exchange for national service.The proposals were part of a $60 billion education plan the New Mexico governor unveiled earlier this month.But Richardson, who hovers near the bottom in the polls, provided few details about how he would pay for the proposals during a fundraiser Monday.Or even if it can be done federally.