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  • Candidates should follow King's example

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  • Our view: An undisclosed evaluation

    An undisclosed evaluationThe news that the National Nuclear Security Administration has evaluated Los Alamos National Laboratory’s performance for last year and settled its accounts with Los Alamos National Security, LLC, under the cover of secrecy is disturbing.Some may be suspicious that the federal government has let its problem-prone creation too easily off the hook for the management partnership’s first 18 months of what has been, to say the least, a rocky road.Others may believe Washington has once again made a scapegoa

  • Off and On: Search needs to be highest priority

    There is a very important process going on right now – a search for a new superintendent.In all honesty, this may be the most important hire this community makes for a long time.

  • Thinking Makes It So: Eating humble pie with a side of dirt

    I have quilted myself a biography of poet Joe Fazio (1929-2007), stitching together little URL-patches of minutia.According to one poetry site, he lived in Beverly Hills, Calif. According to another, he resided in Connecticut.He seems to have been very Republican – at least, someone named Joe Fazio declared in a published letter that anyone who ever voted for a pro-abortion candidate was going to Hell.He produced the movies “The Keeper” (2001) and “Firestorm Rising” (2001).

  • Health care in need of national reform

    As we were preparing to embark on an effort to reform our state’s health care system in this year’s legislative session, a newspaper cartoon caught my eye. Titled “The simplified health care program,” it showed two street vendors of the hotdog-stand variety. One of them offered “Fried Stuff” for $1.

  • MLK Day an opportunity

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  • 'Tax credit' piece not researched

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  • Let the skate park roll!

    L The kids are angry. They were led to believe they would be skating at the new park this summer. I can’t blame them for being upset, with things looking good for the park and then only to have the rug pulled out from under them at the 11th hour.A brand new site has been anointed by council. The Council voted to get a completely new proposal based on this new site before moving forward. In all likelihood this change of plans will cause major delays that will make it impossible to complete the project by this summer.