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  • Bad cheer at basketball game

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  • 'Snow White' a beautiful production

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  • A new widescreen TV is not so complex

    Trying to figure out the economy is just something you don’t want to attempt unless you are a trained journalist like this humble correspondent. World finances can be baffling to even the brightest minds.There are a lot of television experts who are employed to analyze the economy. They say the following:Things could get better. Or they could get worse. We are not sure. One thing these analysts know is that their own personal economy is in pretty good shape because they get paid a lot of money not to have a handle on what is going on.

  • Bus makes for a great commute

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  • Vote Smart will be on the Hill Friday

    Dear Editor,It appears that 2008 will be one of the most intensely political years for the United States in living memory. Already, we are being inundated by wave after wave of position statements promises, and commentary flowing unabated through all the media.How much is believable? Where can voters find accurate, unbiased information?

  • Speeding poses a serious risk

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  • Legislature battles Richardson

    Legislature battles Richardson As the legislative session ended Thursday, one could only wonder at the turn of events. What would have been unthinkable two years ago – and barely hinted at last year – occurred.The Legislature stood up to the governor. How the mighty has fallen.Once a political juggernaut, the governor could not even pull together a consensus within his own party to push through his legislative agenda.

  • Santa Fe has more pressing problems

    We find it hard not to laugh at Santa Fe’s vote opposing plutonium pit production at Los Alamos.

    Even without the great animosity felt by this community for ours, this vote would be laughable.We would urge the city council to focus on Santa Fe and fix their poor roads, and do something about their rampant crime, poverty and other problems. Santa Fe should leave national security matters – of which they truly know nothing – to the people who do.And they should focus their energies on helping the residents of that city.