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  • Judging Science Fair a prized lesson

    This year’s Los Alamos County Science Fair drew 157 entries. The last Saturday morning in January, I was at the high school cafeteria. The room was abustling with fresh hopes and ideas.Our three-judge team had six special awards from the Sierra Club to give for the best projects on the environment. Projects are in categories by field of science and student class – elementary, junior, and senior (high school). Winners were announced in last Thursday’s Monitor.To start our judging, our team first had to decide which projects to judge.

  • Tunnel-vision editorial didn't help

    Dear Editor,

  • It's time to make a decision

    Dear Editor,It has been 10 months since the Municipal Building ad hoc committee narrowed the number of options to six for dealing with our current Municipal Building. While the county council has a lot on its plate, it is time to make a decision on this issue.

  • Our View: Protect our schools

    It is hard to understand just how much Los Alamos is disliked in the state. But it seems to almost border on insanity.

  • A real choice

    This Tuesday, Democrats across the nation will vote in what is being called Super Tuesday. Here in New Mexico, only Democrats get to vote and they have a real choice.

    We do not think that anyone can really argue very successfully that we as a nation have been on the right path for the last 15 years or so. We feel, as do many, that a change in direction, in leadership, is needed.

    In the Democratic primary there are two clear choices. One represents a way that is suspiciously familiar; the other represents a newer, more inspired way.

  • Fried Light: Oh, come on, Bill, endorse someone

    Earlier this week, as Gov. Bill Richardson grumbled about the train wreck of his universal health care legislation, the media asked if he was going to endorse a presidential candidate. The Democratic caucuses are coming up on Tuesday, and readers will recall that Richardson dropped out of the Democratic race for President on Jan. 10. Since then, he has returned to New Mexico and grown a beard.“I may endorse before Feb.

  • Your view: Be wary when mailing overseas

    Dear Editor,

  • Our View: No glass recycling? Then at least don't trash your cardboard

    Los Alamos County is making great, big, verdant strides toward collecting and safely disposing of household wastes. We hope these steps stand as a sign of more conservation and recycling efforts to come – both from the county and its residents.The county’s Solid Waste Division is well on its way toward building collection stations for motor oil, antifreeze, paints, fluorescent tubes and other difficult-to-dispose-of household items.