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  • Thanksgiving for all faiths

    Thanksgiving for all faithsDear Editor,I am astonished by the deftness with which, using only a truncated historical example and a poor sports analogy, Pastor Gene Linzey was able to take Thanksgiving away from the non-Judeo-Christian citizens of this country (23 percent, according to most recent census data) in this past Friday’s “Bible Answers” column.With nary an answer from the Bible in sight, Linzey tells us that “anyone can celebrate Thanksgiving Day,” but “only those who worship and honor the Living God can tru

  • Shopping locally does worlds of good

    We know that you’ve the talk of shopping locally, how much it means to the area and all the good it does.

    Well, unlike a lot of things you hear, this one is totally true.

    Shopping locally helps provide for local services and amenities – like parks and libraries – and provides jobs to many local people.

    Shopping locally helps everyone.

  • Thinking Makes It So: Give thanks for endless sunflower seeds

    We have mashed our potatoes, glugged our gravy, watched the Dallas game and taken on the immeasurable burden of a third slice of pie, limiting ourselves to a miniature scoop of ice cream to make up for it.

  • We must honor those who serve

    Dear Editor,

    John Pawlak has once again decided the best entre on the menu was his own foot. In his Nov. 13 letter, our prolific editorial campaigner informs us that the Congressional Medal of Honor is not being awarded often enough for war publicity, noting that only two of the most recent eight awards have been for service in Iraq or Afghanistan.

  • Veterans need real support

    Dear Editor,

  • Stop the Bypass Road

    Stop the Bypass Road

    Dear Editor,

    A new road is poised to open (see photo on p. 3 of Nov. 8 Los Alamos Monitor). From the top of West Road (near where it used to intersect State Road 4) you will be able to travel west, directly to the ski hill, bypassing LANL’s western guard station. DOE built this highway through TA-62, along a former road that accessed a large water tank.

  • $500 million available for capital project

    There is some good news as a result to the high fuel prices – the state has a lot of money to spend.

  • Some healthy eating tips for holidays

    The New Mexico Department of Health is reminding people that healthy eating and physical activity play a key role in preventing diabetes and its complications.This message is particularly important during the holiday season where the temptations are stronger than at any other time of the year.The holiday season can be a particularly challenging time for people trying to maintain or lose weight through healthy eating and physical activity.