Today's Opinions

  • Thinking Makes It So: The greatest poet of the 20th century

    Honestly, and despite a CB Fox truffle I ravished Tuesday afternoon, I haven’t felt wonderful this week.Everything is going well. It’s not that. I could write a tremendous family-letter style digest about all my accomplishments and joys.This would bore you to tears.

  • Secrecy today

    Dear Editor,

  • Road is really bad idea

    Dear Editor,I’m glad to see growing sentiment against the costly, disruptive and unnecessary West Jemez bypass road. It seemed like a good idea when it appeared to afford an opportunity to stop or modify the security perimeter development.

  • Good food and good hours, too

    Dear Editor,We have an unnoticed gift here in town. Not only does the Pyramid Café serve good food, but it also stays open all afternoon, six days a week.  While most restaurants close for a few hours in the afternoons, the Pyramid stays open. Quiet afternoons make this the perfect place to stop and have a late lunch or early dinner, or maybe just a mid-afternoon snack. With the cold weather upon us, you should try their hot mint tea!I think that their gyros are the best in town, and the pita bread is scrumptious, all by itself.

  • Please, just give the guy a break

    Some times a guy just needs a break.Like Bill Richardson. The governor from our little old Space Alien State (formerly known as the Land of Enchantment) is trying hard to become president of these United States.He’s out there in Iowa or New Hampshire or Somewhere Other Than New Mexico trying to get a word in edgewise if Hillary would just stop yapping for a minute.A couple years ago your Humble Columnist appointed himself Czar in Charge of Reminding People Bill Is Not Running for President.

  • Comments on target but bit late

    We have to agree with Rep. Tom Udall, D-N.M., when he said that Los Alamos National Laboratory has a bright future.

  • Fried Light: Is the United States safe or sorry?

    A longtime friend who lives in Europe e-mailed me recently while on an international aid assignment in Santa Domingo to ask if I knew about the “precautionary principle.”“It is something that is deeply rooted now in European peoples’ minds,” he wrote. “It seems that it is not very popular in the U.S.A.”Yes, I did know and even casually followed related developments, I answered.But it is a concept with very little currency here, I thought at the time.

  • This ship has sailed

    The council debated the West Jemez bypass project at its meeting Tuesday. We have to wonder why they bothered.