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  • Fried Light: A bucket to the stars

    In Michael Kandel’s satiric short story, “Space Opera,” which is written as a libretto for a science fiction opera, the curtain rises in a provincial spaceport on the Planet Creeth orbiting the sun Alpha Cygni.The opera’s hero, Bobby “Rocket” DeVries, and his fellow grease monkeys are banging the dents out of a rickety space junker, singing “Let’s return this old bucket to the stars,” to the din of their hammer blows.Then Bobby’s friend Fred runs in with the news that Darg Bahr, the governor of the astero

  • Medical Minute: What is a hospitalist?

    Since the initiation of the hospitalist program at Los Alamos Medical Center, I have often been asked, “What is a hospitalist?” As the lead hospitalist of the program, I would like to provide you with answers to the questions I hear most frequently.

    What is a hospitalist?

  • After the bomb is too late

    In contemplating Armageddon, think with me of what happens shortly after a nuclear bomb or bombs are detonated over cities of the world. The power grids are permanently destroyed, which stops everything. The distribution of water and food ceases. All mobility is permanently impaired. Families that have wisely stored food come under attack by other hungry people. People who wisely and immediately fill their bathtubs with water are shortly dismayed when the bathtub drain slowly releases the water. Isolated towns like Los Alamos with no easy water access fare worst.

  • Why was teacher reassigned?

    Dear Editor,

  • Heavy backpack problem solved

    Dear Editor,

  • County should continue supporting bus service

    The news coming out of Atomic City Transit has been pretty good.Since the county took over the bus service in October, picking up and dropping off passengers throughout the county, ridership has shown a huge increase.The county service, initiated Oct. 1, reportedly had a stable ridership at about 7,000 passenger trips per month. But in January, passenger trips climbed to 11,910, with passenger trip totals for White Rock more than doubling.This is good news.

  • What happened to Mr. Cuddle Bear?

    You think back of the great couples, their linked identities warming our hearts.

  • Are bulldozers always the answer?

    Dear Editor,