Today's Opinions

  • CROP Walk success thanks to support

    The annual CROP (Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty) Hunger Walk, was held in conjunction with the Turkey Trot Nov. 21, 2010, in memory of its local founder and coordinator for many years, Aaron Goldman.
    The 2010 Los Alamos CROP Hunger Walk raised net proceeds totaling $12,000, which was the top fundraising CROP Walk in New Mexico.
    Over 200 walkers and runners participated.

  • Insist that the new LANL director lives here

    I have heard complaints that the upper echelon of LANL leadership is not involved in local affairs because they don’t live in Los Alamos.  
    Instead Director Michael Anastasio and others choose to live in Santa Fe.
    This is a significant change from the past when the lab director and his top executives lived in Los Alamos.

  • Session may prove moot

    Little may happen this legislative session. It reminds me of two heavyweights feeling each other out in the first round of a boxing match.
    Since Gov. Susana Martinez is new to the game and since she is new to nearly all legislators, it takes awhile to get a feel for each other. We saw much the same situation during former Gov. Gary Johnson’s first year.

  • Effort keeps neighbors warm

    Curves thanks all the community members who donated blankets and electrical cooking items for our neighbors without natural gas.  
    It was amazing how many items we were able to collect in just a matter of hours. The blankets went to the armory to be used on cots for people spending the night and the other items went to individuals who are trying to stay in their own homes.

  • Call for clear, complete communication at LAPS

    Managing perceptions is critical.  I wrote a harsh letter about the LAPS decision to keep schools open when the governor had asked for help in managing the natural gas crisis.  
    Had the school district used its website to briefly explain why, instead of just stating that our schools would stay open, the letter would either not have been written or would have applauded the district for remaining open in case warm shelter was needed for those affected by the natural gas shutdowns.  

  • Reasoning was rooted in a concern for the welfare of students

    To the community of Los Alamos: Los Alamos Public Schools were in session Friday.  I made this decision because our students need to be in a safe, warm environment.
    Enrolled in our district, we have a significant number of students from affected areas and I believe it was our obligation to provide a safe, warm environment for them.  

  • Just A Wag 02-04-11

    New LANL director buzz        

    The name most often heard of those being bantied about to replace retiring Los Alamos National Laboratory Director Mike Anastasio is LANL Weapons Program Associate Director Charles McMillan ... stay tuned.

    Post Office accolades

    Residents are singing praises about now receiving their mail before 5 p.m., and while the Los Alamos Monitor has yet to hear from the local postmaster or Albuquerque post office officials - we’re glad the delivery glitch is fixed.

  • Cupid's sweet lament

    The Chocolate Doo Doo Drop gift bag. Now, I bet you never had anyone start off a conversation by saying that, eh?
    A chocolate doo doo drop is an extruded pile of milk chocolate “attractively packaged and nestled on a small pile of green grass” and wrapped in cellophane. The perfect gift for that special friend who gave you that yellow and purple checkered sweater for Christmas.
    Of course, if $30 a pound for “extruded” chocolate is a bit more than you want to spend, there are other organic options.