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  • ‘No tax rate increase’ bond election for our schools


    Los Alamos Public Schools

    Here are five reasons to vote “YES” on Nov. 5 to renew our school bonds: no tax increase - it is all about the students, improved safety and learning spaces are needed, the proposal is fiscally responsible, Los Alamos schools have strong community support, and the school board has kept their promises to voters.

    1. No increase in tax rates, it is all about the students - voter approval of the school bond means that property tax rates will remain the same in Los Alamos - no tax increase. Let’s support our children and help them build brighter futures by building better schools. We can help with a vote of “yes” for the bond that will fund infrastructure improvements to enrich academics, music, clubs and sports, to name a few.

    2. Needed for learning and safety - Chamisa and Pinon elementary school buildings are over 50 years old. Research has shown that modern classrooms have a positive impact on student well being, improved learning, and staff well-being and effectiveness. The remodeled buildings will also be designed to increase student and staff safety with a single entrance, access control, and improved security technology.

  • America’s lawyer problem

    By T. Douglas Reilly

    Consider the following fact: the percentage of lawyers in the USA is 0.6%; the percentage of lawyers in our Congress is 41%. Why is this? Is it a problem? Should we be worried about it?

    As regards Why, the simplest answer may be that Congress, a legislative body, makes Laws, and lawyers are educated to make and defend Laws. As whether it’s a Problem, I believe it is; however, I know that the situation has been this way almost from the beginning of the Republic. Regarding Worry, I do worry and I’ll try to explain my worry in this  note.

    I should say that I’m not talking about local lawyers who help us with wills, deeds, house purchases, injury issues, legal defense, etc. We are a nation of laws and, at times, we all require some legal help to negotiate through some of these laws. The lawyers in Congress rarely started as such; more often they’ve been district attorneys, prosecutors, state house officials, and corporate and tax lawyers. Often they’ve come from prestigious law firms that pay large salaries and bonuses.

  • The One Percenter: Laughter much better remedy than violence


    The Communicator

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Bob Newhart, the famous comedian, turned 90 last week. Furthermore, he has been married to Ginny for 56 of those 90 years.

    I wonder: Will he dump her for a younger woman anytime soon? Oh well, that’s a topic for a later date.

    As often happens, when someone gets this age and still is not a blabbering idiot, we seek them out for some words of wisdom. So as not to disappoint, I will give you a few of Bob’s quotes.

    Just so you know, I know someone who stayed overnight in his house, so I feel it is OK for Bob and me to be on a first name basis.

    When asked to share tips for those of us hoping to get to 90, Bob responded, “I’ve said it before, but of all the weird things, comedian marriages seem to last the longest. George Burns and Jack Benny and Buddy Hackett and (Bob) Hope. I think there is something between longevity and laughter.

    “You’ll be having a fight, and you’ll say something stupid and she’ll start to laugh, and then the fight is over.

  • Antisemitism has no place in 3rd Congressional Dist.


    Former Santa Fe Mayor

    Guest Opinion

    The silly season is upon us! The first slick, on-line video has hit voters in the Third Congressional District and it has already caused controversy. 

    It deals with a video that Valerie Plame released on Monday for her congressional campaign. The problem with the video is that parts of it are factually incorrect and it raises many questions about Ms. Plame’s past regarding accusations that she posted anti-semitic content on Twitter.

  • An open letter to Rep. Ben Ray Lujan on welcoming the president

    By Tom Wright

    President Trump has a campaign visit scheduled for Monday, September 16 in Rio Rancho. In response, Congressman and senatorial candidate Ben Ray Lujan sent out a Facebook statement saying, ””…President Trump is the antithesis of everything New Mexico stands for.  His values are not our values.” In the next paragraph Congressman Lujan writes, “Rio Rancho is in my district, and anyone who undermines the safety, security or way of life of our communities, isn’t welcome here.”

    Congressman Lujan, I am a New Mexican in your district and while I respect that you do represent me, you do not represent my values and I find your lack of respect for the office of the president and your position on not supporting our immigration laws to be most disconcerting. We New Mexicans have several political parties, representing different values, some of which are not yours. The Congress in which you serve is composed of a mix of these values and our Congress has passed laws that govern our immigration policy. For you to suggest they be ignored is disrespecting our democratic-Republic.

  • Letter to friends, neighbors, constituents about plan to run for reelection

    New Mexico State Senator, Los Alamos, Rio Arriba, Santa Fe and Taos

    To all my friends, neighbors and constituents.

    First and foremost let me remind you of the extraordinary work I’ve been able to accomplish over the course of the last 34 years. I was able to secure millions of dollars for our communities surrounding the counties of Taos, Los Alamos, Rio Arriba and Santa Fe.

    I was the primary sponsor of Capital Outlay legislation to our community. I carried the GO bonds that provided funding for universities, colleges, libraries and senior facilities across the state.

    I take a great deal of pride in sponsoring needed legislation for our acequias. During the course of my tenure in office, I’ve been instrumental in carrying legislation necessary to advance and protect our acequias across the state.

    I’m also proud for securing funding for our Taos County veterans. Today we have sufficient monies to complete the Taos County Veterans Cemetery.

    There are those who would advocate that seniority is not important to our district. I will remind you the legislature is set up on the principle of seniority and a member is assigned to the best committees, both standing committees as well as interim committees.

  • Plame: What did she really do for the CIA?

    I have been following Democratic candidate and former CIA operative Valerie Plame recently as she tours the rural areas in her bid for the open congressional seat in New Mexico’s Third District.

    Plame, who now lives in Santa Fe, is the only national figure running for the seat. Of course this is all very exciting, as she has written books and is a national speaker who has been on the national news at various times as an expert on different topics.

    In a recent interview with the Las Vegas Optic, she described her job as a CIA operative and I became curious.

    Plame told the reporter, “I worked really hard and ran around the world chasing terrorists or black marketeers or rogue nation states to make sure they did not acquire nuclear weapons.”

    She also said her world was turned upside down when her identity was revealed in a column in the Washington Post, effectively ending her career in the CIA.

  • Kit Carson Co-op got it right


    ESPANOLA — It’s infuriating to get those press releases from Kit Carson Electric Cooperative. They’re so informative, so uplifting, enlightening. They give you hope for a better future.

    Then the reality check: oh yeah, we’re stuck in Jemez Mountains Electric Cooperative’s coverage area, led by a bunch backwards thinking, clandestine, criminally-minded, self-helping zealots.

    Grit your teeth. Here’s what’s going on just up the road at Kit Carson:

    The co-op serving Taos and small villages in Taos County is working toward using 100 percent renewable daytime energy by 2022. They’re achieving this by breaking ground on three new solar arrays. Combined, they’ll add six megawatts of electricity for Kit Carson electricity users.

    The press release states they did this by teaming with Guzman Energy. It will give Kit Carson the lowest wholesale rates in the region. They expect to save up to $70 million in energy costs.

    They’ve done this by working with local governments and villages. Completed projects include solar arrays in Eagle Nest, Picuris Pueblo and Tres Piedras.