• Video should be rejected

    Dear Editor,

    Over the past few days, citizens of Los Alamos have begun receiving copies of a DVD entitled “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West” in their mailboxes. This mailing is part of a campaign to distribute 28 million copies of this debunked and discredited three-year-old “documentary” throughout the most contested swing states in this year’s election. It is a blatant attempt by a shadowy “charity” calling itself the Clarion Fund to sway an election through fear.

  • GOP signs taken

    Dear Editor,

    Those “sign-stealing Republicans” are at it again! And now they are stealing McCain-Palin signs from yards. Ours was taken Sunday evening.

    As a reminder to the thieves, there is a bright street light in front of our house. You and you car were very visible.

    Los Alamos

  • An appeal

    Dear Editor,

    Arise, scientific heirs of J. Robert Oppenheimer. For over 60 years scientists here have only followed orders, only done their job, only done their duty. Scientists! Awake from that long slumber. Tell the powerful, warmongering leadership, the politicians, the CEOs of the military/industrial complex that mute scientific compliance is an option that is no longer acceptable.

  • Hospital process very hard

    Dear Editor,

    I had routine appointments at Los Alamos Medical Center. I am sharing my two-week experience to complete the routine procedures in hope that a broken process can be fixed. First, I want to say that all of the people I encountered at the medical center were extremely pleasant and professional. I appreciate the service and the fact that we all can have testing done here in Los Alamos.

    I appreciate more than ever the physicians and their office personnel. Here is my routine:

    1. Sign in at hospital registration to schedule test #1.

  • Schools can learn from each other

    Dear Editor,

    As a 7th grader who has been homeschooled for three years and public schooled for four years, I feel I know the strengths and weaknesses of both. They can learn from learn from each other.

    How so? You can’t look at the homeschool as and not see the strength that comes from flexibility. You can’t look at the public school and not see the strength that comes from diversity.

  • Kudos to street staff

    Dear Editor,

    I believe I am one of many who holds great admiration and respect for those who are working to improve Diamond Drive. These professionals are working on an extremely limited space and a most heavy traffic area.

    Despite many obstacles, great progress is visible daily. The crews remain, despite rain and sun, polite, helpful, courteous and efficient.

    “Kudos” to each of one of them from this citizen!

    Los Alamos

  • Obama, coming economic disaster

    Dear Editor,

    I know I am probably wasting my time writing this note because America has fallen into a stupor that would have made Rasputin proud, but here goes anyway. You think the economy is bad now, just wait and see what awaits you. Here’s the bleak economic picture you can expect under Comrade Chairman Obama.

    • The Bush tax cuts will be allowed to end in 2010 resulting in a tax increase for most Americans, certainly most here in L.A. County.

  • There must be consequences

    Dear Editor,

    Unless the “fat cats” suffer from their failings, they will continue to live their selfish and destructive lives. No bailout for Wall Street, but give lots of help to Main Street, even if it means borrowing for the taxpayer.

    Jemez Springs

  • CYFD to be at health fair

    Dear Editor,

    I enjoyed Roger Snodgrass’ article in Tuesday’s Monitor titled “ Sebastien and Carlos Clicked.”

    Readers may wish to know that CYFD will have a booth at the Los Alamos Heart Council’s Health Fair this Saturday at Los Alamos High School’s Griffith Gym from 8 a.m. -noon.

    Anyone wishing more information about fostering a child and the adoption process should talk to the CYFD representative at the Health Fair.

    President, Los Alamos Heart Council

  • What is important?

    Dear Editor,

    The electric power was out for hours on Barranca Mesa and North Mesa on Sunday. It has become a chronic problem in Los Alamos. The power goes off not just when high winds are blowing down trees, but even when there is no breeze.

    The countries of Central America are well known for having frequent power failures. Los Alamos, the Atomic City, is trying to emulate them.