• Lab retirees owed big debt of gratitude for endeavors

    I am writing to object to ideas presented by your Guest Columnist in Wednesday’s edition.  
    Ms. Dannemann’s thesis that laboratory retirees owe a continuing debt to New Mexico, due to the fact that taxpayers funded their compensation over their careers, is indicative of a misunderstanding of the role of the laboratory in this nation’s security and defense.  

  • Take time to vote no on nonsensical issue

    This bamboozled person of the public is neither mystified nor confused. He is, to the contrary, intelligent enough to understand the idea of replicating - oh, sorry, “rebuilding” - a nearly 50-year-old municipal building that was inefficient and ineffective from the get-go is not only ill-informed and ill-conceived, it is sheer nonsense.
    Los Alamos, I trust your intelligence. My only concern is you won’t want to waste your valuable time on this nonsensical issue and will therefore neglect to sign and return your ballot in December.

  • Old muni building garnered little more than a yawn

    I’m bemused by the thought that the old municipal building was so iconic that people are pining for a remake of it. Really? There have been some iconic buildings in Los Alamos that honor decades of style - Fuller Lodge, homes on Bathtub Row, the long-gone Sundts, Denver Steels, the A-frame church on Arkansas, the IMC at Los Alamos High School, the guard tower at what used to be the main gate, the LANB building, and more recently, the many new or remodeled homes that rose from the Cerro Grande fire ashes.

  • Smoke screen from hookah pipe designed to bamboozle

    When you build a house, or any structure, first you start with the architect’s design. From that you make a blueprint, which has all the details of how it is supposed to be done, including any code related items.  Then you build it. The term “replica” and phrase “exact replica” have been thrown around a lot regarding the Municipal Building petition. Yet neither term nor phrase occur in the text of the petition itself ­— because this is not a replication.

  • Thanks for taking away my signs

    Interesting thing this Nov. 3 morning. I noticed my political signs were gone. Why would somebody steal my signs after the election? Oh, well. At least now I won’t have to dispose of them.
    But on my way to work, I noticed that nearly all of the signs in my neighborhood were gone. As a matter of fact, they were gone from Smith’s, from Rover Boulevard and from N.M. 4.

  • Generous souls will discover many local worthy causes

    The LANL United Way campaign has been extended for another week, and there are still opportunities to designate for your favorite nonprofit or the LANL match. There are many worthy causes in Los Alamos and Northern New Mexico. Groups such as Self Help, Inc. operate without fees for service. Thanks to Bethlehem Lutheran Church, the organization operates with almost no overhead costs and uses donated dollars to benefit clients directly. Projects such as the Children’s Tools for School project are entirely run by board members and community volunteers.

  • Audience absence was astounding

    For the second time my wife and I drove over from Phoenix to see a play put on by the Olions Club of Los Alamos High School.
    For the second time, we were energized by these young people.
    “An Enemy Of The People” by Henrik Ibsen is serious drama. We found it amazing that a high school drama group would  even attempt to portray such a demanding production, much less deliver it with all the force Ibsen intended.

  • Comment was not meant to offend anyone

    This letter is in response to a blog written by Monitor Publisher Keven Todd regarding the council meeting wherein the petition spearheaded by Richard Hannemann was discussed.   
    How dare you liken Mr. Hannemann to the Fuhrer!   Especially considering the many citizens who signed the petition and how often I have heard citizens say, “The council is always going to do what the council is going to do, they don’t care what the citizens say or think about anything.”  

  • Let’s talk practicality

    Some people, 1,679 to be exact, are claiming that the old Municipal Building was so sentimental to them that it stood for Los Alamos. They signed a petition that states “the original Los Alamos County Municipal Building dedicated June 24, 1967 shall be fully rebuilt and restored to its original site and design...” End of quote.

  • Farewell my fine old tent

    It was a fine tent – blue and gold, a Sierra Designs, two person, state-of-the-art backpacker’s dream. I bought it for motorcycle camping, and it logged thousands of miles and many nights of stars or rain, days of thunder by Harley or God. I retired it a few years ago in favor of a newer, less bulky and more expensive model, which, removed from my bike last summer in San Francisco, probably now graces some homeless camp in California.