• More on the gun show

    In regard to the recent gun show at the Pueblo Complex, I’m not sure of the actual wording of the school gun ban but if the wording includes the words ‘school property’ then it would seem that the gun show should not take place at the Pueblo Complex.
    Other school owned properties leased by LANL do not allow guns to be brought onto the premises by the public or workers (except by security guards). The gun show supporters however, were incensed the moment a question was raised about the appropriateness of the venue. Rather than thoughtful commentary about appropriate use of school property, we get worn out phrases like ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people’ and ‘only people with mental illness are committing mass shootings’.
    The facts are however that the majority of shootings in America simply wouldn’t happen without the wide availability of firearms. Slate’s (an online magazine) gun-death tracker estimates that 7,242 people have died as a result of gun violence in America since the Newtown massacre.
    This number doesn’t include gun suicides. What can be done about this? Maybe not using public school owned properties for gun shows is a start.

    Paul D. Richardson II
    White Rock

  • Hitting a nerve

    Wow. So much verbiage attacking me while defending the precious UNM-LA. Between Messrs. Pawlak, Sheehey, Izraelevitz, et al….the South Park Republican in me feels like I’m in an episode of “Pummel the Apostate.”
    Must have hit a big nerve, here in New Mexico’s smallest county, with a population under 18K (down 7 percent+ since 2000, median age over 50 by 2020), and a budget approaching $200 million a year (excludes education).
    “Methinks the Lady doth protesteth too much.”
    Wise up guys, denial is not a river in Egypt. If we don’t start thinking out of the box, Los Alamos will become a geriatric petting zoo.
    William T. Sellers
    Los Alamos

  • Farewell to De Colores

    De Colores has been part of Los Alamos for 35 and one-half years. This restaurant has served this community with the traditional Spanish food that we all love.
    The chicken tortilla soup was exceptional. The tacos always tasty and the stuffed sopapillas are yummy.
    The service was always beyond reproach and everyone is always friendly.
    We will miss Joan, Sue and the rest of the crew very much.
    Fred and Theresa Cornwell
    Los Alamos

  • Thanks to fellow geocachers

    I want to extend my thanks to everyone in the Los Alamos community who helped me host a local Geocaching event last Saturday.
    The event was held at the Coffee House Cafe. The staff did a wonderful job with our crowd. Everyone raved about the food, coffee and accommodations.
    The Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce put together welcome bags with useful local information. This was the first time in Los Alamos for many of the geocachers; others said they have not been on the Hill in years. The information pack contained maps, lists of shops/dining and information on the Historic Walking tour and other local sites. They were appreciated and used immediately.
    Thanks also goes to the lab’s Community Programs Office for LANL 70th Anniversary pins and lanyards that were added to the welcome packs. Lastly, a big thanks to Craig Martin, the county’s open space specialist for new trail maps hot off the press.
    Many geocaches are located on the trails around town so people really appreciated having the latest maps. I heard many, many positive comments about Los Alamos at the event and since. The event brought 20 people to town, mainly from Albuquerque, Denver and Santa Fe. Thank you for helping me show off our town.
    Coleen Meyer
    Los Alamos

  • In light of same-sex marriage

    In light of the decisions, following legal review and judges orders, of the county clerks of Doña Ana, Santa Fe, Bernalillo, San Miguel, Valencia and Taos counties to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples, will you, as Los Alamos County Clerk, commit to do the same?
    State District Judge Alan Malott has ruled that New Mexico’s constitution prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, going on to say that same sex marriage is legal.
    While the argument that it is up to the legislature, with the governor’s consent, to make laws, it is up the judiciary to interpret current law, including the Constitution of New Mexico. Current law neither specifically allows nor prohibits same sex marriage, and Judge Malott (among others) has interpreted this to mean that to deny the issuance of same sex marriage licenses violates state law against sexual discrimination.
    The legislature may, or may not, in the future change New Mexico’s laws to provide for cases of same sex marriage but, at present, the judiciary has determined that, at this time, same sex marriage is legal.
    It is my hope that you will, at once, publicly inform the citizens of Los Alamos that you will uphold state law and begin issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples immediately.
    Jim Kalogeros-Chattan
    Los Alamos

  • Caring for all kiddos

    Our county clerk, Sharon Stover, has for at least the last 20 years promoted herself as a friend, supporter and advocate for the “kiddos” in this town. And to her credit, she has done a lot for them. But what if some of those “kiddos” are gay?
    Do you not care about them, Sharon?
    Caroline Spaeth
    Los Alamos

  • UNM-LA branch is needed

    The recent article questioning whether Los Alamos needs a UNM branch showed a surprising lack of knowledge about the town, laboratory, education, technology and technology transfer.
    As for NMCC, we have been there. Please, not again. The state tried to close the UNM branch and force students to NMCC years ago. The citizens of Los Alamos rebelled. NMCC was described by terms such as, “barber college,” and, although unfair, it was clear that NMCC does not provide the type, or quality, of education the citizens demand. For an intellectual community, where 17 percent of the population over 25 has a Ph.D. and an income level which makes it the fifth richest county in the entire country, a small university branch seems little to ask.
    Also, the lab’s main product is knowledge. It is not a device production facility, except for a few demonstration, or prototype, devices. The citizens want, and need, a university environment, which teaches, and distributes that knowledge, and teaches the capabilities for developing more of it in the future, not a school that teaches current trades and business practices.

  • Just say NO to mil levy

    NO! to the mil tax increase every year, one organization or another posts the day of the year that we all work to just to pay our taxes. With the proposed mil tax, property owners can add another two days of work to that date to pay the mil tax increase.
    That’s two days you work and pay taxes on that income, just to send the rest to your local government in the form of another tax. I, for one, am tired of government organizations overspending and otherwise mismanaging their monies and then putting their hand in my pocket to make up for it.
    The University of New Mexico has many channels for raising money. They receive state funding. They get money from the lottery. They have students who pay tuition. They have alumni and the general public that make donations. Why then are our county officials proposing a local tax for a state facility? Does our county council believe that we have so much excess money that they see fit to tax us more and spend it on a few? Kind of them to ask us, before they visit us again later and impose a tax where we have no choice.

  • I guess I jumped the gun...

    Last week I started checking the mail for my ballot. I quizzed husband about it, thinking that he had accidently misplaced it. Voting to support the UNM-LA mil levy is important and I sure didn’t want to miss my chance. So I contacted the county clerk. The ballots will be out this week. I’m glad that I called … better to be safe than sorry.
    UNM-LA is an important asset to the community. High school students, young adults and long-time residents can, and do, enjoy the excellent course offerings. UNM-LA also partners with the laboratory so that employees can enhance their skills.
    This mil levy is needed to sustain our local college. Look for your ballot and please deliver it before Sept. 17, with a vote for UNM-LA. It’s important!
    Chris Chandler
    Los Alamos

  • Gun Show on rental property

    With regard to the recent letter, and front-page article, concerning a gun show being held on Los Alamos Public Schools rental property.
    It should seem apparent that there is a clear distinction between rental properties and student occupied property. Indeed, perhaps a wine tasting event should be welcomed (however a neo-Nazi group would be unwelcome anywhere and the comparison to a gun show was a stretch at best).
    If one were unable to delineate this separation as legitimate then wouldn’t the public school system be expected to police all the activities held on their income producing rental property? If this is the path to be taken, then the Los Alamos school system had better take a close look at what the new Smith’s Marketplace intends to merchandise, as they will be deriving income from this rental. I anticipate that they will be selling alcohol and tobacco products and may carry sporting goods and knives, all forbidden items at any school.
    I feel certain that there are individuals and groups that would find it distasteful that the school system rents to Los Alamos National Laboratory (just having had their anniversary held on an active campus), and many religious organizations.