• Has anyone thought of the schools?
  • Secrecy today

    Dear Editor,

  • Road is really bad idea

    Dear Editor,I’m glad to see growing sentiment against the costly, disruptive and unnecessary West Jemez bypass road. It seemed like a good idea when it appeared to afford an opportunity to stop or modify the security perimeter development.

  • Good food and good hours, too

    Dear Editor,We have an unnoticed gift here in town. Not only does the Pyramid Café serve good food, but it also stays open all afternoon, six days a week.  While most restaurants close for a few hours in the afternoons, the Pyramid stays open. Quiet afternoons make this the perfect place to stop and have a late lunch or early dinner, or maybe just a mid-afternoon snack. With the cold weather upon us, you should try their hot mint tea!I think that their gyros are the best in town, and the pita bread is scrumptious, all by itself.

  • Congratulations on a fantastic season

    Congratulations on a fantastic seasonDear Editor,

  • Valor does exist

    Valor does existDear Editor,While I was not really surprised at Mr. Ragsdale’s attack on my opinion that more than two defenders of freedom in the past five years should merit the Congressional Medal of Honor, I see no reason to engage in a battle of wits with him. It is not in my nature to fight an unarmed man.But what does confuse me is why the ditto-heads are so quick to attack differing opinions, even as brave men and women are dying to give us all the freedom to do exactly that.

  • Local resources abound for tech

    Local resources abound for techDear Editor,We appreciate the profile of Caldera Pharmaceuticals in the Nov. 15 edition of the Monitor. We have received significant support from community leaders who are committed to diversifying our economy. The strong leadership shown by Rep. Udall, Sen. Domenici and Sen. Bingaman was noted in the article.In addition, we would like to point out the many resources that are available locally for growing technology businesses; each of these has played a role in our success.

  • Udall is tough enough for Senate

    Udall is tough enough for SenateDear Editor,I spent 1,200 hours working on Tom Udall’s 1998 first campaign for Congress, and I, like many others in this district, voted to elect Udall because of his integrity, his sense of the environment and of justice, and his outstanding work during eight years as attorney general.I didn’t expect him to take orders from whatever inflamed portion of the public has something to say on any national scale, but, rather, to exercise his carefully considered judgment on issues and on specific votes.

  • Thanksgiving for all faiths

    Thanksgiving for all faithsDear Editor,I am astonished by the deftness with which, using only a truncated historical example and a poor sports analogy, Pastor Gene Linzey was able to take Thanksgiving away from the non-Judeo-Christian citizens of this country (23 percent, according to most recent census data) in this past Friday’s “Bible Answers” column.With nary an answer from the Bible in sight, Linzey tells us that “anyone can celebrate Thanksgiving Day,” but “only those who worship and honor the Living God can tru

  • We must honor those who serve

    Dear Editor,

    John Pawlak has once again decided the best entre on the menu was his own foot. In his Nov. 13 letter, our prolific editorial campaigner informs us that the Congressional Medal of Honor is not being awarded often enough for war publicity, noting that only two of the most recent eight awards have been for service in Iraq or Afghanistan.