• Letters to the editor 1-8-16

    Voting yes on mill levy is a ‘no brainer’

    Please make a special effort to vote in favor for HB33 Mill Levy in the January 2016 Special Election. Approval will not increase your property taxes. Voting is easy – your ballot will be mailed directly to you. Please remember to sign the outer envelope!
    Why vote? HB33 will provide over $13 million over the next six years to the Los Alamos public schools. Funding schools is a “no brainer” in a community as fortunate as we are and with citizens who put a priority on education. I believe in this community. I believe that the voters in this town will absolutely vote in support of HB33. I will vote yes and await for the results of an overwhelming positive voter response. Thank you in advance.
    Kelly Myers
    Los Alamos

    LA County resolution in support of the
    Endangered Species Act

  • Letters to the Editor 1-6-16

    Los Alamos needs to put money where mouth is and vote yes on mill levy

    In January, Los Alamos voters will have an important opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to education when mail ballots are sent out to approve continuance of the HB33 Mill Levy in support of the Los Alamos Public Schools.
    Approval will not increase property tax rates, but will provide over $13 million across six years for student technology and network infrastructure as well as funds for musical instruments, athletic supplies and equipment, heating and cooling projects and restroom upgrades for older buildings across the district, and general maintenance projects from roof repairs and handicapped ramps to improved PA systems and new fire panels.

  • Letter to the Editor 12-20-15

    Amazing things happen when we work together

    Truly amazing things can happen when we work together!  Often it’s the little things that make the biggest difference in people’s lives.  
    Last week, the scissors and the clippers were hard at work at the LA Cares December Food Pantry Distribution.  A temporary barbershop/beauty salon was set up and had a party atmosphere as two hair stylists and one barber offered free “Haircuts for the Holidays” to our clients.    
    Clients ranged from a mom spending a half hour away from her family being pampered to a mom with her three young sons, and another mom who said she never can fit a haircut into her tight budget. A few teenagers and gentlemen all were treated to 20 haircuts generously offered by Christie and Met Haynes of The Beauty Shop in Santa Fe and LAFD Firefighter David Baca.   

  • Letter to the Editor 12-16-15

    Islamophobia – shame on USA

    Very un-American: I am ashamed to live in a state that announces its ignorant reluctance to accept Syrian refugees. Gov. Susana Martinez, you should be ashamed. Mr. Trump, Mr. Rubio, have you no shame in using the deaths in Paris as a drum to beat for you election?
    I didn’t write this, but I agree completely; it is not just Trump, Rubio, and Susana: it’s the citizens who stand up and cheer, and the pundits who rail against Pres. Obama and call for stricter background screening. We should look at our more civilized neighbors to the north in Canada, who are already taking in the first of 25,000 refugees that will arrive in two months.
    The United States’ review process is already several years long. For years I’ve heard journalists and military people who had Iraqi and Afghan interpreters, including some they credit with saving their lives numerous times, plead for years that our government grant visas that were promised them in the beginning.
    Look up the phrase, “People of the Book;” you will find this includes Jews, Christians, and Muslims. All three religions believe they descend from Abraham (i.e. are Abrahamic). Look in your dictionary for the definition of

  • Letters to the Editor 12-11-15

    Our community Co-op Market needs a holiday boost for 2016

    I thought a quick note to our community might be very helpful given some of the recent issues our Co-op Market is experiencing. You may not know that the Co-op Market is struggling financially.
    Smith’s has hurt some of the small businesses in town including the Co-op, and there have been numerous leadership and staff changes in the last 12 months. The unexpected death in November of the recently hired general manager has also had a significant effect on staff morale and created uncertainty at a very difficult time.  
    There are several operational challenges that the staff are working on but the big idea is that revenue is down 20 percent and cutting expenses 20 percent is not a realistic short or long term option.  
    The Co-op needs to increase revenue.  
    So why my letter to you?  Our community Co-op is struggling and if we value it we should take steps to help.  If we want it to survive and ultimately prosper we need to participate in a few small ways.
    What can we do about it?
    • Join or renew early. If you’re a member consider renewing to help with cash flow. If you’re not a member, please consider joining.  

  • Letter to the Editor 12-9-15

    Radical Islamic terrorism threat to world peace

    The greatest threat to world peace is radical Islamic terrorism.
    Radical Islamic terrorists killed 14 Americans in San Bernardino, California; 130 people in Paris; five military personnel in Chatanooga, Tennesee, and 13 soldiers in Fort Hood, Texas; a soldier in Canada; beheaded journalists and aid workers in the Middle East; killed non-Muslims in Copenhagen, Paris and Tunisia; attacked the Jewish Museum in Brussels, a mall in Kenya, Iraqi Christians, Syrian Christians, 40 churches in Egypt, our embassy in Benghazi, and the Boston Marathon.
    Thousands of attacks by Islamic terrorists have occurred against non-Muslims, and many thousands have been killed. For attacks since 1990 see wikipedia.org   and enter list of Islamic terrorist attacks.
    Islamic terrorists wantonly attack and kill non-Muslims whom they consider infidels.
    We have to destroy the Islamic terrorists, deport sympathizers and restrict entry to the U.S. of people prone to conduct Islamic terrorism.
    Donald Moskowitz
    Londonderry, NH

  • Letters to the Editor 12-2-15

    Half agree with House leader McCarthy about terrorists

    I half agree with House Majority Leader McCarthy who is reported by Lederman and Hennessey in Sunday’s Monitor as saying: “It is against the values of our nation and the values of a free society to give terrorists the opening they are looking for.” I only half agree because the terrorists use explosives. If they would only stick to automatic weapons, they would be fully in accord with the values of our nation as a free society.
    Terry Goldman
    Los Alamos

    LA county council
    effort to find new brand seems ridiculous

    The county council’s effort to find a new brand for Los Alamos seems to be  verging on the ridiculous. Thank goodness “Live Exponentially” was shelved.  
    However, the nearly quarter of a million dollars involved in this effort seems like “spending exponentially” to me. Is there no “limit on the horizon” to this expenditure?

  • Letters to the Editor 11-25-15

    Consider giving to
    United Way campaign

    Each day I wake up and count my blessings. My health is good and I have access to great medical care if I need it. I have been able to complete three higher education degrees and will soon be starting a fourth.
    Over the course of my 31-year career in public safety. I have also been able to save some funds that should allow me a comfortable retirement. I live in a community that is not only located in one of the most beautiful parts or our great Earth, it also is blessed with great schools, low crime, great health care, great emergency services and caring and sharing people.  
    Not everyone in our community has experienced the wonderful blessings I have. Many are in need of our help to achieve good health, good education, and financial stability. We can make a life-changing difference for those in need by giving to the United Way of Northern New Mexico (UWNNM). UWNNM covers both Los Alamos and Rio Arriba counties.
    A unique feature not true with most charitable organizations is that 100 percent of your donated dollar will go to those in need. All administrative costs that are normally deducted from your personal donation are covered by UWNNM Cornerstone Sponsors.  

  • Letters to the Editor 11-6-15

    Columnist Marita Noon ignores deleterious
    effects of fracking

    The op-ed in the Oct. 23 edition of The Los Alamos Monitor by oil-gas lobbyist Marita Noon reviews the evidence for the association between “fracking” and the increase in the number and magnitude of Oklahoma earthquakes. Her point, based on reports by Stanford geologist Mark Zoback and others, is the assignment of blame for the increase in earthquakes to the increase in “produced” water injection into conventional wells, not to water injection associated with the newer, rapidly proliferating fracking wells, thereby implying that fracking is OK.
    However, fracking also results in “produced” water, so whether the water being reinjected into the ground comes from fracking wells or oil recovery wells, Oklahoma earthquakes will continue to increase in number and magnitude  if the volume of produced water injected into oil wells continues to increase.

  • Letters to the editor 10-28-15

    Sunday editorials ruin reader’s good mood

    The Sunday (Oct. 25) editorial page showed me that you have indeed given up on putting out a newspaper.  In place of an editorial was a screed by someone working for the oil and gas industry, delightedly pointing out the error of the “anti-fossil crowd” regarding earthquakes. Fracking doesn’t cause earthquakes, gleefully says the writer. Reading carefully, one learns that the large increase in waste water generated by fracking causes earthquakes (because this water is injected back into the ground). Truly a distinction without a difference. I fully expect to read another shill next Sunday from the NRA stating that guns don’t kill people. People kill people.
    At least the writer didn’t call the anti-fracking concerns a communist plot. That particular slur is out of date, or so I thought.