• Letters to the Editor 5-22-19

    Let’s protect our greatest minds with organic foods
    Dear Editor,

    Due to the unique structure of our town as a base for the greatest intellectual accomplishments of our nation we must ensure fast food establishments provide fresh and organic foods. In the days of Oppenheimer processed foods with toxic chemicals had not yet affected his and other scientists mental clarity. Our Local (Joyce Eyster) cooked for the Oppenheimer family and other scientists, and she relates; I made everything from “scratch.”  Do toxic food chemicals affect our health?

    Let us protect the greatest minds in the nation. We need restaurants that feed the brains of the locals and visiting students, and assurance of quality ingredients by restaurant owners, due to the need of the community to be at optimum brain power. Look at the beauty of our pond, let’s landscape food quality into the city structure. 

  • Letters to the Editor 4-26-19

    It’s a fine line between billing and harassment

    Dear Editor,

    When does the work of a billing agency become harassment?  What obligation—particularly when Medicare recipients are involved—does a clinic that has subcontracted to a billing company have to ensure that company is correctly billing insurance or Medicare and is behaving properly? 

    Last February, I went to Trinity Urgent Care, a clinic I’ve found caring, involved and with great doctors. I gave them all my correct Medicare information.  Yet, shortly, I received a bill for the entire balance, and no evidence of any attempt by the billing subcontractor to bill my Medicare Advantage Plan.

    I called the billing company. They said they’d rectify the problem. Yet, the bills kept coming, increasingly shrill in demanding payment. I wrote repeated letters—copied and to Trinity Urgent Care—stating (the term “cold day in hell” was eventually used), I’d not pay something never billed to Medicare. Yet, soon, threats of collection. 

    In a visit to Trinity’s office about the problem, a gal at the front desk shrugged and said, “We don’t do the billing.” So, they have no responsibility for someone acting in their name?

  • Letters to the Editor 4-12-19

    Attacks are a front for lack of ideas

    Dear Editor,
    Mr. Wright begins with the false comparison of the Hoover administrations break-up of the Bonus Army protest camp with force to FDR’s New Deal policy toward Veterans pension reductions. The bonus certificates that were to be issued to WWI veterans were not part of a Veteran pension and FDR met his own Veteran Bonus Army marchers with equanimity, not tear gas and broken skulls.
    This turns into an attack on the supposed dystopian narratives of progressives when the current false dystopian narrative king is President Trump who regaled us with his “American Carnage” apparently caused by illegal immigration, MS-13, and Democrats. This is all leading up to the focus of his attack which is the idea of Universal Basic Income.

  • Letters to the Editor 3-17-19

    Shopping, retail frustration continues Los Alamos, White Rock 

    Dear Editor,

    After April 1, I will be shopping at the Co-op, because they are willing to absorb the new charges Visa is charging, which Smith’s refuses to do.

    I am 76 and no longer drive, so I will be taking the bus or the senior van, which takes me door-to-door for $3.50 each way. I will be shopping at every store that accepts Visa because I can decide when the bill will be charged.

    I have been here 51 years and Metzger’s and CB Fox are the only stores that are still here. They are still family-owned businesses. I tell people if they don’t have something at CB Fox or Metzger’s, I don’t need it. I don’t shop on the

    Internet. I have never been in Smith’s Marketplace, Supercuts or Domino’s. I don’t have a problem with McDonald’s building a new place because they have been here for us for years.

  • Letters to the Editor 1-23-19

    ‘Jeremy’ had questionable information about coyote contests

    Dear Editor,

    The Monitor article about Land Commissioner (our own) Stephanie Garcia Richard signing an executive order to prohibit coyote-killing contests on State Trust Land contained questionable information from a source identified only as ‘”Jeremy.”

    “Jeremy” (we assume he is a participant in killing contests) claimed that reining in competitive killing would result in “more sheep and livestock attacks” while at the same time stating an arresting contradiction that it was impossible to put a dent coyote populations by killing them.

    Published research (available at the Project Coyote website that includes the full names of the scientists involved) shows that while killing coyotes doesn’t really impact coyote numbers as they biologically have a prodigious ability to compensate for loss, it does upend their social order. It results in a population that is young and inexperienced and likely to lead to more conflict with people.

  • Letters to the Editor 12-12-18

    The Los Alamos Monitor got it wrong in their article

    Dear Editor,

    It appears that the Monitor is looking for a reason that local Democratic Party Candidates swept all the Los Alamos races. This article seems to point to a political strategist as the reason.

    Tarin Nix has run Stephanie Garcia Richard’s campaigns since late October 2012. And she has been successful, including Stephanie¹s latest win in her race for State Land Commissioner. I applaud Tarin (and Stephanie) for their successful races, but Ms. Nix is not the reason that Los Alamos Dems swept the local races in 2018. Our success came down to two things:

    1. Excellent, well-qualified candidates who worked hard to get their message out.

    2. A large grass-roots effort that included over 100 volunteers.

    Volunteers who knocked on thousands of doors and called thousands of phones in Los Alamos during this election cycle.

    Christine Chandler did have a professional campaign manager, Katharine Clark, who ran a great campaign and helped Christine with her overwhelming win.

    But Christine was also the most-qualified candidate and she worked incredibly hard for months to win her seat.

  • Letters to the Editor 11-4-18

    Sara Scott will serve interests of community

    Dear Editor:
    I have coached Sara Scott’s children in soccer; I am her neighbor; and I have worked with her in LANL’s Russian programs. Sara is approachable, inclusive and makes decisions based on a carefully considered consensus of all stakeholders. She has lived, worked, built friendships, recreated, and raised a family here over the past 30 years. She loves this community and will serve the interests and well-being of its residents. 
    Join me in supporting Sara Scott for the Los Alamos County Council. Here are others that I know support Sara as well: Laura and Roy Bohn, Laura and Ed Kober, Thomas Bowles, Steve Russell, Margo and Steve Batha, Laura and Andy Wolfsberg, Ann Cernicek, Mary K Cernicek, Morrie Pongratz, Don Cobb, John and Sarah Gustafson, Steve Buelow, Craig Martin and June Fabryka-Martin, Denny Erickson, Judith McKenzie, Laura Loy, Ed Garcia, Doug Reilly, Bill Wadt and Ann McLaughlin, Susie Schillaci, Norm Schroeder, Barb Smith, Pat Walls, Allen Pratt, Dave Schiferl, Joe Granville, Nan and Jeff Sauer, Amy Birnbaum, Karyl Ann Armbruster, Lynn Strauss, Felicia Orth, Susan and Warren Oldham, Sue Newman, Laura Smilowitz, Erika Leibrecht, Benjamin Warner, Ellen McBee, John Berg, and Brian Scott.
    Molly Cernicek
    Los Alamos

  • Letter to the Editor 10-21-18

    Recent mailer is ‘last straw’ in legislative race

    Dear Editor,

    Good leaders define problems, formulate solutions and try to unify people behind them. How can that happen – even as our nation’s in crisis – considering the tone of this year’s election?

    I received a “straw that broke the camel’s back” mailing that really ticked me off.  It came from Patriot Majority of New Mexico, attacking Lisa Shin in ways reflecting, from my view, little integrity and condemning her because she “supports Trump on health care.” This ensured one thing. Despite my respect for Chris Chandler, I’ll vote for Shin.
    How telling that the “patriots” condemned her, rather than praise Chandler!

    I come from generations of Democrats, but today’s party – led by reality-challenged extremists like Nancy Pelosi – forgets what it stood for as recently as the early 2000s, when for example, Sen. Chuck Schumer sponsored a bill making it illegal for illegal border crossers to apply for work. Then, Democrats stood for tight border enforcement and low immigration. 

    Democrats cared about workers, the middle class and the environment – all harmed by the immigration tsunami (That Wall Street loves.) of recent decades.

  • Letters to the Editor 10-17-18

    I support Regional Transit GRT Reauthorization

    Dear Editor, The citizens of four counties, including Los Alamos, voted in 2008 to authorize a 1/8 percent Gross Receipts Tax (GRT) increment to support regional mass transit.

    Although no ending date was voted upon, these counties imposed a January 1, 2024 sunset date. On this November’s ballot, we are asked to reauthorize the tax by removing the sunset date.

    I strongly support a yes vote to continue the high value transit services that it provides. For people here who don’t have a car or the ability to drive, good transit service is a lifeline. All tax expenditures deserve scrutiny. This tax increment clearly provides good value to Los Alamos, Santa Fe, Rio Arriba and Taos counties.

    Our transit systems are able to use the GRT funds as local matching funds to obtain substantial additional federal transportation tax support. In this way, 25 percent of the regional NCRTD “Blue Bus” system budget comes from federal funds. Our own Atomic City Transit system and the Santa Fe Trails bus system also receive support from this GRT. Los Alamos is proud to be a founding partner of the NCRTD system, which has grown to provide hundreds of thousands of rides per year to people throughout north central New Mexico.

  • Letters to the Editor 8-24-18

    Shin: A transparent and honest voice in government

    Dear Editor,

    I am writing to express my support for Republican Lisa Shin in her candidacy for the New Mexico House of Representatives, District 43.

    Among other things, Lisa believes in limited government and lower taxes so that individuals and families have more freedom in their daily lives. She is genuine and honest; how often do we find that in a politician?  

    She prioritizes the needs and concerns of people over a personal agenda or a party platform. If elected, she is determined to focus on issues of critical importance to Los Alamos and the other communities in our district.

    She is a strong advocate for the Los Alamos National Laboratory. Thank goodness for that! Would we even have a town if we didn’t have that lab? She wants to support our lab by growing its scientific base and defending its national security missions.