• Thinking Makes It So: The sweatpants do not make the man

    Today is Christmas Lights Day. As readers of my “classic” – that is, outdated –columns know, Christmas Lights Day can also be called, although only silently, my dad’s birthday.My dad looks like a string of lights without the lights. I like to watch him untangle the long strands, skinny legs in green sweatpants lost among the loops.

  • Oil not enough to fuel tough economy

    The price of oil is hovering around $100 a barrel.In New Mexico, a resource-rich state, this might be seen as cause for celebration, even as we gasp at the gas pump. After all, it’s common knowledge that New Mexico benefits when the prices of oil and natural gas go up.But it’s a misperception to think a strong oil market – or even strength in the energy industry as a whole – can save the state from hard financial times.

  • Off and On: Do not blame the message

    This is one of the best times of year, no matter what your persuasion happens to be. Ah, but therein lies the problem: some just won’t let others celebrate.At least they try not to.Christian bashing is a very popular sport in these modern times in our nation.

  • Thinking Makes It So: The greatest poet of the 20th century

    Honestly, and despite a CB Fox truffle I ravished Tuesday afternoon, I haven’t felt wonderful this week.Everything is going well. It’s not that. I could write a tremendous family-letter style digest about all my accomplishments and joys.This would bore you to tears.

  • Please, just give the guy a break

    Some times a guy just needs a break.Like Bill Richardson. The governor from our little old Space Alien State (formerly known as the Land of Enchantment) is trying hard to become president of these United States.He’s out there in Iowa or New Hampshire or Somewhere Other Than New Mexico trying to get a word in edgewise if Hillary would just stop yapping for a minute.A couple years ago your Humble Columnist appointed himself Czar in Charge of Reminding People Bill Is Not Running for President.

  • Fried Light: Is the United States safe or sorry?

    A longtime friend who lives in Europe e-mailed me recently while on an international aid assignment in Santa Domingo to ask if I knew about the “precautionary principle.”“It is something that is deeply rooted now in European peoples’ minds,” he wrote. “It seems that it is not very popular in the U.S.A.”Yes, I did know and even casually followed related developments, I answered.But it is a concept with very little currency here, I thought at the time.

  • Thinking Makes It So: Waking up under the fifth blanket

    It’s chilly in our bedroom, a problem with the heating circulation in the house. I wake up each morning unwilling to stick a limb out from beneath our four blankets or take that shivery run toward the toilet.Warmer days seem to lift me out of bed but on these dark winter ones, I stay huddled, click on the lamp and read.

  • An easy answer to illegal immigration

    New Mexico and the rest of the nation are so conflicted by the illegal immigration debate. It’s so simple. What’s the big deal?Take the idea of jobs. You’ve got thousands of people in New Mexico and millions across the country doing jobs unemployed Americans can do. Why should we let non-citizens gobble up these employment opportunities when too many of our citizens are without work?On the other hand, Americans are picky about what they will do for a buck.Take the Albuquerque experiment.

  • Thinking Makes It So: Give thanks for endless sunflower seeds

    We have mashed our potatoes, glugged our gravy, watched the Dallas game and taken on the immeasurable burden of a third slice of pie, limiting ourselves to a miniature scoop of ice cream to make up for it.

  • Some healthy eating tips for holidays

    The New Mexico Department of Health is reminding people that healthy eating and physical activity play a key role in preventing diabetes and its complications.This message is particularly important during the holiday season where the temptations are stronger than at any other time of the year.The holiday season can be a particularly challenging time for people trying to maintain or lose weight through healthy eating and physical activity.