‘No tax rate increase’ bond election for our schools


Los Alamos Public Schools

Here are five reasons to vote “YES” on Nov. 5 to renew our school bonds: no tax increase - it is all about the students, improved safety and learning spaces are needed, the proposal is fiscally responsible, Los Alamos schools have strong community support, and the school board has kept their promises to voters.

1. No increase in tax rates, it is all about the students - voter approval of the school bond means that property tax rates will remain the same in Los Alamos - no tax increase. Let’s support our children and help them build brighter futures by building better schools. We can help with a vote of “yes” for the bond that will fund infrastructure improvements to enrich academics, music, clubs and sports, to name a few.

2. Needed for learning and safety - Chamisa and Pinon elementary school buildings are over 50 years old. Research has shown that modern classrooms have a positive impact on student well being, improved learning, and staff well-being and effectiveness. The remodeled buildings will also be designed to increase student and staff safety with a single entrance, access control, and improved security technology.