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Police responded May 15 to Los Alamos Middle School after administrators received a tip that a student may have brought a gun to school. The Los Alamos Police Department released the report of the incident Tuesday.
2 middle school students arrested on May 15 gun-related charges

Los Alamos Monitor

Los Alamos police released a report Tuesday detailing the arrests of two 14-year-old students following a lockdown of Los Alamos Middle School May 15.

Police received a call at 9:30 a.m. that morning from school officials acting on an anonymous tip regarding a firearm at the school, according to the report. Administrators from the middle school told the officer that they had received a tip that several students had been bringing and exchanging possession of a firearm on school grounds.

The officers searched the lockers of the two boys, who were later arrested.

During the search, another staff member called police as he was eating lunch across the street. He said he had a bag that contained several loaded magazines of live ammunition. This prompted officials to then lock down the school.

During the lock down, one of the boys told the officer about the German-style Luger pistol located at his home. Officers found the gun at the boy’s homes under a mattress. The lockdown was then lifted.

Police confiscated the ammunition found on one of the boys and a number of loaded magazines found at the picnic table across the street held by the administrator.