N3B Communications Officer Todd Nelson and Environmental Services Lead Kristin Henderson take questions from the audience about what N3B would fund and what the requirements are for a successful project.
Nonprofits seek funds from N3B

Nonprofits came from miles around to Fuller Lodge Wednesday to find out how they might get a slice of the $400,000 available in charitable funds being offered by a lab waste contractor.

N3B, a Department of Energy contractor in charge of cleaning up legacy waste at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, announced Monday that it wanted to share $400,000, or 5% of its annual earned fee, with nonprofits in Los Alamos County and the greater northern New Mexico region.

N3B’s aim is to spend 50% of those funds on education, 20% on arts and culture, 20% on health and human services and 10% on civic and economic development.

Frazer Lockhart, regulatory and stakeholder interface manager at N3B said they tailored the distribution to where the company saw the most need.

“It was somewhat of a subjective evaluation,” Lockhart said. “We knew we wanted education to be our theme… we wanted to have a kind of focus.”

Having a focus was important Lockhart said because they are much smaller than the other major source of nonprofit funds in the community, the Los Alamos National Laboratory, of which they are not a part.