Workers at the Smith’s Marketplace store in Los Alamos could be authorized to participate in an informational strike if their contract is canceled this week.
Workers’ union threatens to strike at Smith’s

Workers at the Los Alamos County Smith’s Marketplace stores may stage an informational strike as early as next week, claiming the company is using unfair labor practices.

“Smith’s employees came into negotiations in May, 2018 hearing that Kroger wanted to reinvest in them due to the corporate tax break signed into law, but instead have met with drastic changes which will result in less premiums, more work, less scheduled hours and an attack on their health fund status with outside vendors,” said United Food and Commercial Workers Union of New Mexico President Greg Frazier.

The union has filed three unfair labor practices against Smith’s over the last few months.

According to Frazier, Smith’s is trying to lift restrictions to bring in outside vendors, which may mean actual Smith’s employees have fewer scheduled hours, less customer service and “damage to their retirement and health funds.”

Frazier said Smith’s does not pay any health or retirement benefits to outside vendors.

“Over the last 20 years, Smith’s employees have sacrificed wage increases so they could keep better health care for their families,” Frazier said.