Turab Lookman
Former LANL scientist indicted for false statements

Turab Lookman, a former Los Alamos National Laboratory research scientist, made his first appearance Friday in U.S. District Court to answer charges that he lied about his involvement in a Chinese program that compensates top science talents all over the world for revealing technological and scientific secrets in the fields they specialize in. 

Lookman was indicted Wednesday by a grand jury. He is currently in custody, and his next court date is Tuesday. At Lookman’s Tuesday court appearance, a judge will determine if he will continue to be held in custody prior to pretrial, or released pending certain conditions. 

According to court documents, Lookman was indicted for lying to DOE and lab officials on three separate occasions for his involvement with the program.  The last time he was asked was on Sept. 18, 2018 during an interview with a special agent with the National Background Investigation Bureau/Office of Personnel Management.