Candidate Valerie Plame speaks to a group of Los Alamos residents Thursday at a fundraiser.
Plame visits Los Alamos

Candidate Valerie Plame, one of the seven Democratic Party candidates vying for the top spot in the June 2 Democratic primary for New Mexico’s Third Congressional District, answered some tough questions Thursday among her Democratic base in Los Alamos.

Plame appeared at a meet-and-greet hosted by a group of supporters at the Pueblo Canyon Inn. Standing on the edge of a packed patio, Plame asked the audience to ask her anything about the issues and her campaign. 

During an interview with the press, she said she had no love for Trump, after being asked about the presidents rally in Rio Rancho Monday.

“I find New Mexicans to be hard working, accepting, tolerant, kind, respectful, and I think President Trump needs to go back to where he came from,” Plame said. “I believe he is the antithesis of the New Mexican spirit.”

One man, who identified himself as a “dyed in the wool” Democrat who was fiscally conservative, asked what she was going to cut if she got into office.

“This will go nowhere, but this is my personal view, the money that we spend in defense far exceeds our national security needs,” the ex-CIA operative said, to much applause. “Our defense budget, is equal to the next 10 countries combined.”