Physics students test a toy car to measure the speed and impact of the car as part of a new experiment made possible with new funding from the district. The program is part of the state’s Next Generation Science Standards curriculum.
LAHS labs get $37k boost

The Los Alamos School Public Schools recently spent $37,000 on science equipment that will take the guesswork out of the Los Alamos High School student experiments.

The purchase was made exclusively through the Vernier lab equipment company. It included over 300 sensors and probes, 20 interfaces to help students document their experiments through their Chrome Books, six charging stations and seven lab manuals.

The equipment will help physics, chemistry, biology, anatomy, physiology and forensics students, including Advanced Placement students.

The price also included one day of training for teachers.

According to high school physics teacher Deborah Grothaus, the ability to see and understand first hand what’s happening with her students’ physics experiments puts the high school’s physics program more in alignment with the state’s Next Generation Science Standards curriculum, which emphasizes hands on experience over theory and assumption. Grothaus said the new equipment will help support this new way of learning.

“NGSS is more about doing science than learning science, so this is what they are going to do with this, it’s doing science. It makes it a lot more real for them. Because they can see what’s happening,” Grothaus said.