Tris Deroma/Monitor
Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign Executive Director Mary Feldblum talks about the health plan with the Los Alamos County Council Tuesday.
Council supports state health plan

A universal healthcare plan touted by some as a way to cover a majority of New Mexicans was heard Tuesday by Los Alamos County Council. 

The council passed a resolution in favor of the plan that they expect state legislators will present in January to the state Legislature.

“As this gets talked about, a lot of people will be viewing this as socialized medicine,” Councilor Antonio Maggiore told the plan’s Executive Director Mary Feldblum at Tuesday’s meeting. “But, from what I’m hearing, this is not so much socialized medicine as socialized insurance. Would you say that is fair?” 

“Yes,” Feldblum said. 

Feldblum’s organization, the Health Security for New Mexicans Campaign, was founded in 1997. The organization has been organizing a health coverage plan designed to cover all New Mexicans who are not covered under government, military health plans and other exceptions.