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Jennifer Kramer middle, along with Española District Ranger Sandy Hurlacker, right, and Forestry Plan Revision Team member Erin Barton present their draft Santa Fe Forest Land Management Plan to Los Alamos Council in July.
SFNF updating 30-year-old plan

The Santa Fe National Forest has published a draft of its revised land management plan, the first time it’s revised the plan in over 30 years.

A couple of weeks before Santa Fe National Forest officials released the plan publicly, they gave a presentation to the Los Alamos County Council in late July.

The last time the plan was updated was in 1987, according to Santa Fe National Forest Manager Jennifer Kramer. The year 1987 was also the first time the Santa Fe National Forest created a land use management plan, with the goal of integrating resource management and ecological sustainability into managing the Santa Fe National Forest.

On Sept. 23, Santa Fe National Forest officials will return to Los Alamos and give another presentation at the Mesa Public Library at 2400 Central Ave.

“These are really opportunities for people to come and learn more about it, ask questions about it, or even to write their official comments. We will help them do that,” Kramer said.

Concepts of sustainable recreation are emphasized in the new plan as well as promoting healthy habitats as a whole rather than concentrating on individual species of plants and animals are emphasized in the new plan.