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  • Spotlight on Los Alamos: Scientist practices the social gospel

    A few years ago, Carl Newton was one of a handful of people from Los Alamos who publicly defended Wen Ho Lee, a neighbor whose children Newton coached in soccer.“I had a feeling he was being railroaded,” said Newton, who wrote letters to the Monitor, gave an interview on National Public Radio and was the local contact for the Wen Ho Lee defense fund.“There may have been reasons for the laboratory to be upset with him, but there was no reason to charge him with espionage,” he said, recalling Judge James Parker’s excoriating rebuke to t

  • Welcome to our world:FBI pulls back the curtain - a little

    ALBUQUERQUE — Curious residents are getting an interesting glimpse into the mostly clandestine world of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) through the New Mexico bureau’s Citizens’ Academy.“I’m impressed by this agency and the people in it,” said one participant after interacting with a number of agents and support staff during the first two sessions of the eight-week program. “I wish everyone could experience this academy.

  • Jemez Mountain Home-school Speech and Debate Team performs well at state

    The Jemez Mountain Home-school Speech and Debate Team did it again. Throughout the course of the year these avid “speechies” have worked to do their best at every tournament they attend. The team, which is comprised of students from Los Alamos and surrounding areas, has had put their efforts awarded with individual and team recognition throughout the competitive season.The team competes with the best and the brightest speech and debate enthusiasts from public and private high schools across the state as part of the New Mexico Speech and Debate Association.

  • Hilltopper scientists head to state fair

    When you hear the words, Los Alamos travels to State, one generally thinks sports, but this weekend 15 students will be thinking science. The winners from the regional science held in March in Las Vegas, N.M., now advance to the state level Friday and Saturday at New Mexico Tech in Socorro.The 52nd annual regional event held at NMHU is a time-honored tradition and coordinator Dawn Brown said she is proud of her students.

  • Stanislava (Stella) Biss Luczyszyn

    Luczyszyn – Stanislava (Stella) Biss Luczyszyn, 95, of Welland, Ontario, Canada, passed away following surgery in the presence of her daughter on Feb. 22, 2008. She was born to the late John and Francis Biss August 3, 1912, in Ituna, Saskatchewan. She was the middle of five children and the oldest daughter. Her siblings, Joseph, Frank, Charles and Josephine all preceded her in death.

  • Fried Light: The bell tolls, don?t ask

    A young man was working his way through college in the Office of Manned Space Flight at the relatively new National Aeronautics and Space Administration in Washington, D.C.It was a great time to be there in the early 60s, during the days of the New Frontier.

  • Probing the Jemez: Revived symposium features Valles Caldera studies

    SANTA FE – After a four-year hiatus, the lightning round known as the Jemez Mountains Science Symposium returned Friday in a brain-pounding, mind-nourishing flash.Over the course of eight hours, the schedule called for 36 10-minute technical reports on aspects of geology, hydrology, ecology, biology, air and water quality, climate change, fire-history, controlled burns and land management.Fraser Goff, a retired earth scientist from Los Alamos National Laboratory, led off the encapsulated presentations with a preview of a revised geologic map of the Valles Ca

  • Bringing the 'essential touch' to Los Alamos

    Suzanne Santemma and her healing hands have arrived in Los Alamos.She recently set up shop at suite 14 in the Mary Deal Building, across from the Reel Deal Theater.Her business, Essential Touch Massage, offers deep tissue, rehabilitation, nurturing and relaxing massages.“I love massage,” Santemma said. “I love putting my hands on people.”She not only brings her interest in massage but also experience to the table.

  • How do they do it?

    The rumor mill is always churning in the county, with unsubstantiated rumors about businesses closing. Recent “separations” at the county’s largest employer have put a damper on the local business environment, but reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated, to paraphrase Mark Twain.“We’re not closing,” Liz Carlson said.

  • Celebrate music

    When I first heard about Ice Cream Man I knew I wanted to do a documentary on him. The guy’s goal in life is to give away half a million free ice creams; what a story that is. Well, I got the opportunity to shoot the Ice Cream Man in action at South by Southwest (SXSW), a music festival in Austin, Texas, the second week of March.SXSW is not a typical music festival. It’s not a huge, outdoor, crowded, hot, loud scene with thousands of people milling about.