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  • Guest Opinion: Tax credits needed to improve schools

    The failures of public education both here in New Mexico and in the United States as a whole are well-documented.

  • Keepin: Nonproliferation trailblazer

    The “father of Los Alamos nuclear safeguards,” G. Robert Keepin, died Monday at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Santa Fe.

  • State will pay Booth family

    The state of New Mexico has agreed to pay $550,000 to the family of Patricia Vigil-Booth, who was killed when her car crashed after sliding on liquid de-icer that had been sprayed on N.M. 502.Vigil-Booth, 53, died Dec. 15, 2006, in the fourth and final crash that day on the highway between Pojoaque and Los Alamos.

  • Spotlight on Los Alamos: McCranie changing the world one panel at a time

    “I was 5 or 6 when I drew my first comic,” said cartoonist Stephen McCranie.

  • Landmark Communications to sell 100 newspapers, including the Monitor

    The Los Alamos Monitor may soon be in new hands.The Batten family, which owns Landmark Communications, announced today that it plans to sell the company, which owns the Weather Channel and nearly 100 newspapers across the United States, including the Monitor.Landmark has owned the Monitor since August 1978, said Monitor publisher Ralph Damiani.“Landmark has always been a company of high principals and a strong commitment to local communities,” Damiani said this morning.

  • Lecturer to discuss a fascinating transformation Tuesday

    A single act can create significant changes. Just look at what occurred in Albuquerque during the 1920s and 1930s.During this time period, a campaign was underway to make Albuquerque the crossroads of New Mexico.To accomplish this, the city worked to realign Route 66. Instead of running north to south, city officials including mayor ex-officio and former governor Clyde Tingley, worked to realign the highway from east and west.

  • Making a deal with the devil

    The Los Alamos Little Theatre kicks off the New Year with a brand new show: “The Devil and Daniel Webster” by Stephen Vincent Benet, the 20th-century Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, novelist and short-story author. The show is coupled with the premiere of “Yogurt Security,” local playwright Robert F. Benjamin’s and Elaine Jarvik’s 10-minute satire on life in Los Alamos and travel under the latest TSA regulations.

  • Book group to discuss how to save the environment

    The Greenland Ice Sheet has experienced record melting in recent years and is likely to contribute to sea level rise as well as to possible changes in ocean circulation in the future.Meanwhile, the annual addition of 70 million people to world population stresses resources in countries where water tables are falling and wells are going dry, forests are shrinking, soils are eroding and grasslands are turning into deserts. Where countries are overwhelmed by these trends, weaker governments are breaking down. Each year the number of failing states increases.

  • Community input requested

    Community input requested

    The Los Alamos Public Schools and the Los Alamos Board of Education would like input from community members regarding the hiring of a new superintendent to replace James Anderson who is retiring Aug. 1.

  • Flood at Reel Deal well-timed

    Plummeting temperatures Friday evening caused a sprinkler head in the fire suppression system at the Reel Deal Theater to burst, sending water cascading into the lobby.“It all happened around 6:50 p.m., just as the movies were ending,” said Jim O’Donnell, whose family owns the movie theater.“We shut off the water main to the building, but water kept pouring out of the sprinkler head.