Today's News

  • Preserving the Row

    “I think there’s an anti-history contagion loose in this community,” said Richard Morse, a resident of Bathtub Row, Wednesday, when he attended the monthly meeting of the Fuller Lodge Historic District Advisory Board.The volunteer board members, many of whom have dedicated hundreds of hours to the preservation of history in Los Alamos, begged to differ.The result of many years of work by the Fuller Lodge Historic District Advisory Board, an historic preservation plan should soon become a part of the county’s zoning code.

  • Chinese New Year: Time to stop disrespecting rats

    The Chinese year 4706 officially begins today, and with it, the Chinese Year of the Rat.If there’s ever been an animal that needed a total image makeover, it’s the rat.Many people loathe rats and associate them with disease and filth – hardly a four-star recommendation for the furry creatures. But the truth is, they are highly intelligent animals, have been amazingly beneficial in medicine and can be very affectionate pets, said a Texas A&M University veterinarian and rat expert.Dr.

  • Caldera faces staff cuts

    The Department of Agriculture cut the Valles Caldera National Preserve out of its Forest Service budget request to Congress this week, and New Mexico senators are puzzled and dismayed about it.As the preserve’s executive director and key trustees visited in Washington Wednesday, staff members said the senators would be working to regain the funds for next fiscal year, which starts in October.A spokesperson from the office of Sen.

  • Los Alamos Historical Society presents:Charlie Carrillo's 'Saints of the Pueblos'

    Dr. Charlie Carrillo, scholar, teacher, lecturer and artist, has a piece of history he would like to share.The Los Alamos Historical Society is providing an opportunity to experience what Carrillo has to offer during its historical lecture at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at Fuller Lodge.For the past 28 years, Carrillo has studied and created depictions of the saints of the Pueblos. He has carved their images out of wood and painted flat images called retablos. Carrillo preserves the traditional creations of santos, or saints, but also adds something new.

  • A classic story retold

    In the Los Alamos Choral Society and Los Alamos Symphony Orchestra’s winter concert Jan. 27 at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, under the direction of Mary Badarak, the Oratorio “Elijah” by Felix Mendelssohn was presented.Many members of the chorus, now numbering 61, have sung this familiar work numerous times.

  • Love is in the air

    With a holiday devoted to love approaching, it seems appropriate to hold a concert celebrating this emotion.The Los Alamos High School choirs present their “Love Song Concert” at 7 p.m. Monday at Duane Smith Auditorium. “It’s a great topic,” choral director Paula Nichols said.

  • Cookin' for a good cause

    Self-confidence, responsibility and citizenship are a few qualities the Naval Jr. Reserve Officer Training Corps (NJROTC) nurture. Now, it is adding cooking skills to the list.To prepare for the NJROTC enchilada dinner, which will be held at 5 p.m. Friday at the Los Alamos High School cafeteria, students strapped on aprons and pulled out the baking pans. In addition to dinner, there will be a silent auction, which will include a painting by Secundino Sandoval and other items.Having students take an active role in dinner “gets them involved,” said Ret.

  • A bill whose time has come

    The New Mexico House has passed a bill establishing forms of domestic partnerships in the state, allowing non-traditional couples to have the same rights and benefits as married couples.We think this is a matter whose time has come.

  • Youth Mobilizers target teen-identified issues

    Through a collaborative process of research with a goal of community change, the Los Alamos Family YMCA is hiring three to four high school age youth to work on youth-identified issues. Applications are due Friday at the Y offices at 1450 Iris Street. The Juvenile Justice Advisory Board (JJAB) in partnership with the Family YMCA sponsors the program. They are seeking motivated youth who are interested in having a voice in their community. “This is a response to what more we can do for youth,” said Family YMCA Executive Director Linda Daly.

  • Health & fitness: Scales should not measure self-worth

    I was at the gym the other night and I stepped on the scale only to realize a disappointment waving through me like a hurricane. I have been trying to exercise more and eat better for what?Only to find this disappointment.I then stood back and watched a few other people get on the scale. The first being a woman whom I thought looked terrific. She too expressed disappointment.