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  • Helping White Rock

    Last week, the county council met to discuss plans and proposals for White Rock.

    While that community needs assistance, care must be taken on just what is spent there. If the county thinks that just building buildings will bring in business, it does not understand economics.

    However, there is a word for us all to consider here, and it could really be the key to the White Rock discussion.

    And that word is Bandelier.

  • Off and On: Higher gas prices could mean more taxes

    State lawmakers are being warned that rising gasoline prices could aggravate financial problems confronting the state Department of Transportation and New Mexico’s highway system.

    The agency expects that as motorists cut back on their travel because of high gasoline prices, less money will flow to the state from New Mexico’s fuels taxes. Less fuel sold means less revenue to the state, based on per-gallon sold.

    And that is already happening.

  • N.M. to issue new drivers’ licenses

    Things will go a little differently next time you go to obtain or renew a driver license.

    In an effort to improve security for New Mexico’s 1.7 million holders of driver’s licenses and state-issued IDs, the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) is completely overhauling its system. Licenses now offer 12 security features where they used to have four. And every license in the state will be created in one, centralized location.

    While this means a few changes for customers, it also means a far smaller risk of identity theft.

  • Softball: Weather puts damper on tourney

    FARMINGTON – In the opening day of the 2008 state championship softball playoffs, the most dramatic thing might have been the weather.

    Skies were drippy throughout the day at Ricketts Field and New Mexico Activities Association officials tried to squeeze in as many games as possible between showers.

    And although the weather got so bad at one point that there was talk that the double-elimination brackets might turn into single-elimination brackets due to the rains, the tournament was spared, but will have to be condensed down considerably.

  • Softball: Toppers blanked in first round at state

    FARMINGTON – If every cloud has a silver lining, Randy Burditt hadn’t found it as of Thursday.

    Burditt, skipper of the Hilltopper softball team, had to endure along with his squad a constant barrage of rain that fell from the skies throughout Thursday’s first round of the Class AAAA state softball tournament.

    Los Alamos also had to endure through a spectacular five-inning performance from one of the top hurlers in the state, Aztec’s Heather Jaquez.

  • Authors Speak: Baca says history, identity linked

    It began when she was 9 years old and received a cherry-red journal with a lock and key from her sister for Valentine’s Day.

  • Superdelegates give no thought to people’s vote

    What ever happened to the will of the people?

    When did that go away?

    Well, it seems to have for New Mexico’s Democratic leaders as more and more of the state’s Democratic superdelegates are announcing support for Barack Obama’s presidential bid.

    Last time we looked, Hillary Clinton won the vote in the primary held here. What happened to that? How can the vote of the people be ignored so easily?

  • Gladys Esther Rendell

    RENDELL – Gladys Esther Rendell, 88, of Satellite Beach, Fla., passed away peacefully May 3, 2008. Born in Bargara, Mich., she lived in Los Alamos, N.M., and Sun City, Ariz., before coming to Brevard County in 1999.

    Gladys was preceded in death by her husband of 56 years, Carroll, in 1996 and she is survived by her three sons, Mitchell (Sally); William (Pat) and Keith; eight grandsons; and 11 great-grandchildren.

  • Library location for skate park approved

    Four of six planning and zoning commissioners ultimately concurred Wednesday that the site plan for a proposed skate park in downtown Los Alamos meets the criteria set forth in the county’s development code. Getting to that vote has been a roller-coaster ride laced with lingering questions.

    At the start of Wednesday’s meeting, which ran from 5:30-11:30 p.m. in Council Chambers, Chair David Izraelevitz asked each commissioner to declare any situations that may impact their vote.

  • Remember when

    Remember when it was an eternity from birthday to birthday? When your mom could send you to the corner store with a quarter to pick up a loaf of bread and you had money left over to buy a piece of candy? When you could lie on your back for hours, holding on to a string, gazing at your kite floating overhead, just daydreaming? Well, time continues to accelerate and inflation continues to make that quarter worth less and less, but the good news is that you can still spend the day gazing at kites floating overhead.