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  • Cool filming saves the 'Mexican' Heston

    Always wanted to see Charlton Heston play a Mexican? You could have 40 years ago – but in this case, procrastination paid off.

    Mesa Public Library’s Free Film Series will present “Touch of Evil” at 6:30 a.m. Thursday in the upstairs rotunda, a 1958 film retouched in the late ’90s in order to bring the movie as closely as possible to director Orson Welles’ vision for it.

  • PEEC SPEAKS: Wildflower Notes – It's Penstemon time

    One of the most beautiful times of the flowering year is the height of bloom of One-sided Penstemon (Penstemon secundiflorus).

    A walk out Bayo Bench trail is a good way to see these “nature’s snapdragons.” There are several hundred plants along the trail, some nearly2 feet high with many stems and blooms. Other plants are only 7-9 inches tall with a single stem.

    Regardless, their color is nearly indescribable. Lavender is the closest I can come but it doesn’t do justice to the soft, subtle hues of the blooms.

  • GAO: Pit plans in flux

    A Government Accountability Office report found discrepancies between shifting plans and subsequent expenses in the National Nuclear Security Administration’s effort to reestablish a national capability for pit manufacturing. GAO said pit production at Los Alamos National Laboratory was a positive step.

    “However, NNSA’s long-term strategy for the pit manufacturing mission, and its attendant cost and schedule, is in a state of flux,” the report concluded.

  • Johnson selected as Teacher of the Year

    Third-graders don’t always have to raise their hand to answer.

    In fact, it’s rare when they do in Scott Johnson’s third-grade class, thanks to his somewhat unconventional approach to teaching.

    Johnson, a teacher at Barranca Mesa Elementary, was honored late last month by being named the Los Alamos Public Schools teacher of the year.

    “I have to be humble a little bit, there’s so many other great teachers,” Johnson said.

  • Candidates and precincts


    Candidates for office are listed in the order their name will appear on the ballot:



    Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were chosen at the Democratic Party of New Mexico’s Presidential Preference Caucus Feb. 5.


    John McCain

    Ron Paul

    U.S. SENATE:


    Tom Udall


    Steve Pearce

    Heather Wilson



    Ben R. Lujan

    Donald H. Wiviott

    Benny J. Shendo Jr.

  • BRIEFS: Power outage hit townsite

    Two apparently unrelated power outages struck downtown and North Mesa at about 11 a.m. Sunday.

    The Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities estimated that 1,000 households were affected in North Mesa and about 50 businesses in portions of the downtown. About 80 percent of the North Mesa households had their power restored by about 4:15 p.m., with the remainder back up within another hour, according to the department’s press release Monday.

  • Key Club member earns award

    Sandy Nininger died a hero’s death at the Battle of Bataan only one month after the United States entered World War II. His actions during the first few days of fighting may have changed the entire course of the war in the Pacific, for which Congress honored Nininger posthumously with the Medal of Honor.

    Nininger was a Key Club member and is honored annually by the Southwest District through the Sandy Nininger Award. The recipient is a Key Club member who has distinguished himself/herself by making the most of his/her opportunities.

  • Lillard wins logo design search

    “We did it! We did it!” shouted 7-year-old Jimmy Lillard as he jumped into his mother's arms to revel in the news that she won Los Alamos County's 60-year anniversary logo competition.

    Jimmy and his 5-year-old brother Tommy actually contributed “quiet time”  to the project so their mom, Jennifer Lillard, could concentrate on creating her winning design, she explained, laughing.

    Her husband, Scott Lillard, completed the excited family's celebration by bringing home a bouquet of flowers for his wife.

  • Thinking Makes It So: How to avoid auto-identity theft

    It’s halftime. The crowd wanders off to beers and bathrooms. The starters refocus. The benchwarmers listen earnestly to the coach, just in case. I stare at the scoreboard, illiterate as a pair of eyeglasses in a purse. This is my game, my field, my team and my audience. But what am I? Do I play or do I grow like the grass, barely aware of the painted lines?

  • Judge Kennedy talks freedom

    Thirty-four Eastern European police officials looked on as State Appeals Court Judge Roderick Kennedy explained that freedom requires an active political structure existing within a framework of law.

    The law-enforcement officials from Bulgaria, Macedonia and Serbia graduated from a four-week senior management course in March at the International Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) in Roswell.

    ILEA spokesman Jack Swickard explained that New Mexico Tech operates ILEA for the U.S. Department of State.