Today's News

  • Judicial/Police/Jail complex will have open house tonight

    Public Works officials are hoping that plans to develop the new Judicial/Police/Jail Complex by Ashley Pond will be one step closer to becoming a reality after they present their design development update to County Council during a special session next week.

    The project originated nearly five years ago to address a myriad of problems plaguing the police department and the municipal and district courtroom.

    For example, the existing police building was built in 1977 and does not meet current standards.

  • Swimming: Marr feeling good heading into national meet

    Some people collect stamps. Some people collect baseball cards.

    Jackie Marr collects swimming records.

    Marr, the 65-year-old Los Alamos resident hopes to grab a few more this week when she takes part in the United States Masters Swimming Long Course Nationals, which are being held at Portland, Ore. Her first event is scheduled for Thursday, the first day of the national meet.

  • Mountaineer tallk features caving expeditions in New Mexico, Belize, and Mexico

    The Los Alamos Mountaineers on Wednesday evening will host long-time cavers Brian Kendrick and James Hunter as they share their incredible photographs of and exciting adventures in some of the most spectacular caves in the world.

    Brian Kendrick has been actively caving for over seven years primarily in New Mexico with a few caving trips to Colorado, Arizona, and the Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia (TAG) areas.

  • Hyperion takes first orders

    Hyperion Power Generation, the start-up company that plans to make small nuclear power reactors, announced that it has received its first Letter of Intent for purchasing up to six units at about $25 million each.

    The company’s CEO John “Grizz” Deal said the order was placed by TES, an investment group focusing on the energy sector in Central Eastern Europe.

    A Hyperion press release said TES could potentially be in the market for up to 50 of the nuclear power modules.

  • Los Alamos Plaza approved to break ground

    Demolition equipment is poised to level the Los Alamos Inn complex next month to clear the way for a mixed-use project for which the county has just granted a building permit.

    Developer Dan G. Zerfas detailed the three-phase commercial, retail and residential project during an onsite interview Tuesday.

  • KRSN requests 30-year land lease from School Board

    Seeking an acre of land and a 30-year lease for their antenna, KRSN AM 1490 owner-operators Gillian and David Sutton presented their case to school board members Tuesday evening in the district boardroom.

    “We are not in compliance with FCC regulations,” David said.

    The station has not been in compliance since the old antenna was dismantled some eight years ago to make way for the Hawks Landing housing addition, he said.

  • 500-year flood duly manages risk

    The term “500-year flood” makes the news as often as sandbag brigades work on levees. Offhand, the term seems to tell the last time and the next time for such a bad flood to hit.

    In reality, the term is a beautiful tool for describing and managing risk.

    The workaday term does its work mostly out of sight, busily dividing up flood risk among government, individuals, and the free market. The term measures and coordinates the portions of risk handled by each sector. Dividing up risk is a central reason societies organize.

  • Winners from the 2008 County Exhibit

    Conner Bailey and Jill Sherrill showed off their green thumbs at the 2008 Festival, Fair and Rodeo.

    Bailey and Sherrill were winners in both the horticulture and floriculture judging during this year’s fair.

    Winners were announced late last week by the Los Alamos Cooperative Extension Service.

    Exhibits ranging from finely sewn clothing to vegetable baskets were exhibited during the County Fair.

  • Health and fitness: Turn that kegger into a six-pack

    Everyone wants to have great abs. Abs that look lean and tight can be an attractive feature on anyone’s body. But, as important as it is to have good abs for appearance, everyone needs good abs for the well being of their body.

    Strong abs help prevent and minimize lower back injuries and pain and help us maintain good posture. And, strong abs provide stability for the body by strengthening your body’s core.

  • Biographer recounts life, times of first lab director

    J. Robert Oppenheimer, the first director of the Los Alamos laboratory, did not quite come to life Monday night, but his shadow cast by a master storyteller had a haunting and unusual presence.

    The prize-winning co-author of an acclaimed biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer performed a powerful feat of ventriloquism, placing his subject squarely in his own time while speaking directly to our own.