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  • Marr sets U.S. records at Nationals

    How is Jackie Marr’s appearance at the United States Long Course Nationals going?

    Not bad, considering she set two United States records in one race.

    Marr has set three new U.S. age group records in two events so far, including setting a new 400-meter freestyle record with her split in the 800-meter freestyle.

    Marr, a Los Alamos master swimmer, has won both her events at Nationals, being held in Portland, Ore., including her 400 individual medley swim Friday morning.

  • Fried Light: A guide to merging

    You may be relieved to learn that help is on the way in the war between sidezoomers and lineuppers. If you’re a zipper, like me, you’ll be especially pleased.

    How many times have we approached a patch of construction or a temporary diversion on the highway, where two or more lanes of traffic are required to funnel down into one?

    This can be a daily occurrence or an ephemeral surprise. It is one of the conditions of our radical independence and individuality.

  • Running: Petersens take top spots at pace race

    The Petersen family ran away with top honors in the Atomic City 15-Minute Run.

    This week’s pace race, sponsored by the Atomic City Roadrunners, was held Tuesday at Sullivan Field.

    Mark Petersen won the male division by going 2.02 miles while his wife, Kimberly, was best woman traveling 1.78 miles. Daughter Lillian, 5, finished third with 1.43 miles.

    Michael Jablin won the concurrent 1-hour run speeding 8.75 miles to best runner-up Ted Romero (7.95 miles) and third-place finisher and top female Laura McClellan (7.68 miles).

  • Parks and Recreation Board tackles skate park issue

    During a Parks and Recreation Board meeting Thursday night, Board member Curtis Schultz suggested that the Parks and Recreation Department should give the County Council clarity on what they should put on the Nov. 4 ballot regarding the location of the skate park.

    Board Member Megan Tripp agreed, by saying, “We’re failing the skaters if the issue falls off the ballot. We need something more concrete than a yes or no question to the downtown location.”

  • LANL technique backed for hydrogen storage

    The Department of Energy selected Los Alamos National Laboratory for one of 10 projects to develop hydrogen storage technologies.

    A DOE announcement Thursday stated that the award was for up to $2.3 million for a “novel concept using an electric field to increase the hydrogen binding energy in hydrogen adsorbents.”

    LANL will receive $100,000 to begin the contract, which will run through September 2011, according to an announcement by Sen. Pete Domenici, R-N.M. Thursday.

  • Special session turns pointless

    The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus placed the idea of change at the center of his worldview, arguing according to Plato, that “you could not step twice into the same river,” because different waters flow, while the person remains the same.

    The question resurfaces in view of the Special Legislative Session that began at noon today. But is it rather the person who changes?

  • Governor's new healthcare plan is better, but not good enough

    After failing to gain either legislative or popular support for his ambitious, universal health care plan which would have relied heavily on government mandates, Gov. Bill Richardson has introduced a scaled-back health care reform proposal that will be considered in the upcoming special session.

    The Governor’s bills which were unveiled recently would:

  • Almost $7 million in assets unaccounted for at LAPS

    “I’m flabbergasted and I’m speechless,” said school board member Alison Beckman of the $6,671,129 in capital assets discovered missing from the district by independent auditors.

    The audit finds Los Alamos Public Schools does not have sufficient detailed records to adequately track capital assets for the year ended June 30, 2007.

  • LAPS clarifies audit findings

    The director of business services for Los Alamos Public Schools responded to a story in Thursday’s Monitor regarding unaccounted for capital assets.

    John Wolfe said the nearly $7 million in capital asset adjustments, which auditors indicated had to be made in the capital assets account for the 2006-07 school year, was an accounting adjustment and does not reflect a loss of cash or property.

  • Judicial/Police/Jail complex will have open house tonight

    Public Works officials are hoping that plans to develop the new Judicial/Police/Jail Complex by Ashley Pond will be one step closer to becoming a reality after they present their design development update to County Council during a special session next week.

    The project originated nearly five years ago to address a myriad of problems plaguing the police department and the municipal and district courtroom.

    For example, the existing police building was built in 1977 and does not meet current standards.