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  • Young performers start right at the top

    The expression, “you got to start somewhere,” usually implies starting with small, insignificant beginnings is advantageous to getting a foothold in reaching a greater, larger objective.

    This expression is useful motivation. However, some people need no words of motivation to move them to the top, because they are already there. In one giant leap, they bypassed small beginnings and stepped right to the top.

  • Art members show off their best

    Friday the Art Center at Fuller Lodge celebrates the Members’ Best exhibit with an opening reception from 5-7 p.m. From crafts to fine arts, from whimsical to serious, Members’ Best is a bold testament to the wealth of artistic talent residing in the community.

  • Our View: Skate park mess gets worse

    How many times have we stated that perception is reality? That is the problem we see with the council’s decision Tuesday night on the skate park.

    If there had been some kind of independent, impartial hearing officer or body that had rendered the exact same decision as the one the council did, we believe this issue would be over.

    But those who question the project – and the process – simply do not feel they got a fair hearing, that, it was not right to have the judgment made by those who made the judgment.

  • Scott A. Ramsey

    RAMSEY – The family and friends of Scott A. Ramsey, 67, deeply regret to announce his death on June 28, 2008, of a heart attack in Farmington, N.M. He is survived by his wife of 44 years, Linda; two children, Sean and Nan; three grandchildren, Scott, Christopher and Brianna Baker; and two brothers, Ross and Charles.

  • School hopes to keep building on first semester's success

    “We finally finished. Yay!”

    Odalys González Fernández, director of Bilingual Montessori School, LLC, is happy to have the walls painted, the carpets laid and, best of all, to have children attending her new, 5,000-square-foot White Rock school.

    “The parents are very happy,” she said, “and they’re passing the word around. That’s how we’re getting started.”

  • Tongue-tied with T. Boone

    There is this theory I have, that it is all in the name. Good looks and brains and a winning personality are just real handy, but a killer name opens the door of success.

  • Skate park to break ground

    Construction is set to begin immediately on the Los Alamos Skate Park in front of Mesa Public Library now that appeals of the Planning and Zoning Commission’s approval of the project’s site plan have been denied.

    Following more than three hours of hearings and discussion – and to the delight of a throng of young people in attendance – County Council voted 6-to-1 Tuesday night to uphold the P & Z’s decision.

  • Workers bid for special cohort status

    A petition for special compensation for a new class of workers at Los Alamos National Laboratory is under review by an advisory board of the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), the petitioner said last week.

    Andrew Evaskovich, a LANL guard, said he hoped the board would visit Los Alamos during their deliberations, later this year or early next year.

  • Off and On: What makes a worthwhile life?

    Have been filled with thoughts of mortality lately. Part of this was brought about by the death recently of a friend in Georgia.

    Several things went through my head when I heard of his death. How short life is was one of them. And sadness over the fact that I let contact be lost and really did not communicate with a good man like I should have.

    Now I can’t, and that is sad.

    Then I thought of one’s life and how do you gauge it and its success?

  • Our View: Take advantage of tax-free weekend

    Regardless of your view, this is the time to go do your back-to-school shopping.

    Today through Sunday there will be no gross receipts taxes charged on many school items.

    And this is a great time to discover just how much of your school – and other – needs can be met right here at home.

    There are some restrictions on the back-to-school gross receipts tax holiday and you need to be aware of them.