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  • Heinrich defeats Wilson for Senate seat

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — Democrat Martin Heinrich won New Mexico's open U.S. Senate seat on Tuesday in a race against a former Republican congresswoman.

    He defeated Heather Wilson, and will succeed Democrat Jeff Bingaman, who is retiring after 30 years.

    Heinrich has represented the Albuquerque area's 1st Congressional District since 2009, when he took over a seat held by Wilson for five terms. Wilson didn't seek re-election in 2008 and ran unsuccessfully for the GOP Senate nomination after Republican Pete Domenici decided to retire.

    Both parties viewed the race between Heinrich and Wilson as important in the national battle for control of the Senate. However, polling during the campaign showed that Wilson struggled to attract crossover support among Democrats, which is critical in a state where Republicans account for only one-third of voters.

  • Garcia Richard wins battle for Dist. 43 State House seat

    Democrat challenger Stephanie Garcia Richard has edged out incumbent Republican Jim Hall in the pitched battle to represent District 43 in the House.

    With some of the votes still being tallied, Garcia Richard has garnered 7, 092 (51 percent) versus Hall's total of 6,782 (48 percent).

    As of 7 a.m. roughly  83 percent or 25 out of 30 preceincts had been counted.

    "It looks like she won by about 300 votes," Hall said this morning. "I expected her to win by about 100 or so but I have not been able to find the results from all the precincts. The Secretary of State website has not been updated since last night. But I think it's a done deal."

    Hall said he felt the difference in the race was the turnout in the La Cienega section of Santa Fe where twice as many people came to vote than they did in 2010 when the late Jeannette Wallace edged Garcia Richard by 210 votes.

    "There was no way I could overcome that."

  • Obama wins another four years

    BOSTON (AP) — His reach for the presidency thwarted, Mitt Romney stayed out of sight late Tuesday as news organizations including The Associated Press announced that President Barack Obama had won a second term.

    Dejected Romney supporters milled around a hotel ballroom where the Republican hopeful had planned to declare victory and groaned as key battlegrounds moved Obama's way.

    Obama's victory in closely fought Ohio narrowed Romney's path to the 270 electoral vote. The Democrat also was declared the winner in other swing states including New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Colorado and Iowa. Michigan and Pennsylvania, which Republicans hoped to put in play, stayed in Obama's camp as well. Florida and Virginia remained too close to call.

    Romney supporters cheered a win in North Carolina, which Obama captured four years ago. But it was a rare prize in an evening that broadly favored the presidency.

  • Henderson, Sheehey and Girrens win Council seats

    Democrats Kristin Henderson and Peter Sheehey along with Republican Steve Girrens were elected to Los Alamos County Council Tuesday night.

    Sharon Stover, meanwhile, won the county clerk race against Nathan Hjelm.

    In addition, all four county charter amendments passed.

  • New Mexico Top Races


    1,505 of 1,510 precincts - 99 percent

    x-Barack Obama, Dem (i) 407,111 - 53 percent

    Mitt Romney, GOP 330,863 - 43 percent

    Gary Johnson, Lib 27,244 - 4 percent

  • Live Stream from Los Alamos Justice Center

    Click here for live stream video.

  • Los Alamos County Final Unofficial Election Results 2012

    The outcomes of Election Day 2012 are all but in the record books. Voters in Los Alamos and across the country in races large and small have spoken. Locally, it appears that Steven Girrens, Kristin Henderson, and Peter Sheehey have been elected to the county council.

    Look for Wednesday's Total Market Circulation edition of the Los Alamos Monitor for a complete wrap up of election results in key local, state, and national elections.  

    Presidential Votes
    Barack Obama 5191
    Mitt Rommey 4796
    Virgil Goode 15
    Gary Johnson 599
    Ross Anderson 15
    Jill Stein 38

    U.S. Senate
    Martin Heinrich 4540
    Heather Wilson 5743
    Jon Ross Barrie 264

    U.S. Representative
    Ben Ray Lujan 5580 AP has called winner
    Jefferson Byrd 4729

    State Representative
    Stephanie Garcia Richard 4766 
    Jim Hall 5533

    County Council
    Peter Sheehey 4691
    Michael Redondo 3453
    Kristin Henderson 4816
    Marc Clay 4672
    Vincent Chiravalle 4581
    Steve Girrens 4810

    County Clerk
    Nathan Hjelm 3669
    Sharon Stover 6125

  • National Results: Presidential race

    States already called:

    Obama wins Vermont, Illinois, Deleware, New Jersey, Massachussetts, Washington, D.C., Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin,

    Romney wins Kentucky, Indiana, West Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Nebraska, Mississippi, Texas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Kansas, Utah,

  • Exit poll shows economy still the top concern

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Rising prices and unemployment were heavy on the minds of voters Tuesday even as a glimmer of optimism peeked through, with 4 in 10 saying the nation's economy is getting better.

    There was wide agreement that the economy still has far to go — three-fourths of voters said it was poor or not so good, according to preliminary results of exit polls. Only a fourth thought they were better off financially than four years ago when President Barack Obama was elected.

    The survey of voters as they left polling places showed 6 in 10 ranked the economy the top issue. The majority who don't yet see economic improvement were roughly divided over whether things were getting even worse or just stuck in place.

    Joseph Neat, a stay-at-home father in Hagerstown, Md., said he voted for Republican Mitt Romney because Obama has had enough time to deal with the economic troubles affecting families, especially gasoline prices that he called "insane."

  • Thank You 11-06-12

    The Rotary Club of Los Alamos would like to thank the community for its generous support of our recent flower bulbs fundraiser to support our annual end-of-year financial awards to Los Alamos High School seniors. 
    Through the hard work of a dedicated club committee and the interest of our many customers, we also collected numerous donations of bulbs purchased for the new LAHS Memorial Garden, which is being designed and built through collaborations among our Rotary Club, Los Alamos Public Schools, Oasis Landscape and Los Alamos Landscaping. 
    With several hundred bulbs purchased specifically for the Memorial Garden, it will be resplendent in springtime with red tulips, pink tulips and daffodils.
    The garden is now under construction on the LAHS campus between the library and gym complex, close to Diamond Drive.
    Our note of appreciation would not be complete without thanking Los Alamos National Bank, CB Fox and Dixie Girl Restaurant for providing space for us on several occasions to conduct our sales; a special thank-you also goes to Fuller Lodge Art Center and Crossroads Bible Church for giving us outdoor space during the recent arts and crafts fair held at the church to benefit the art center.