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  • Change plagues borderplex

    El Paso, Ciudad Juárez and Las Cruces are a region, one entity. The assertion grasps the remarkably obvious. Businesses in southern Doña Ana County and Juárez back up to one another. The Rio Grande, the nominal border between El Paso and Juárez, is often dry, posing little real barrier. Otero County and Alamogordo might be added with El Paso being the closest thing of size.

    The region is complicated. Northern New Mexico, commonly clueless about the south, might not understand this. To say the region consists of three states (Chihuahua, Texas and New Mexico) and two countries (Mexico and the United States) oversimplifies. There are counties and municipalities, water districts and basins and who knows what else.

  • Two sculpture submissions gain support

     Those who did vote on the three options for the Bradbury sculptures in the public forum favored Los Alamos artist Garth Tietjen (19 votes) or Troy Williams (12 votes). Williams’ piece “The Scale of Justice” was commissioned for the Justice Center last year. 

    Santa Fe artist Monika Kaden, whose “Dancing St. Francis” is outside the Cathedral Basilica in Santa Fe, received seven emails of support, but no votes on the Open Forum. 

    Five residents did not like any of the options. 

    The majority of those who favored Tietjen did so because his submission was the most complete, including a very detailed maquette. 

  • White Rock homeowners douse shed fire


    Firefighters responded to a shed fire 5:22 p.m. Saturday at 102 Carlsbad Road. According to Los Alamos Fire Dept. officials, the fire was put out by the owners before firefighters arrived. 

    There were no injuries, and a fire truck, Engine 30, stayed at the scene, pouring water on the smoldering structure. 

    According to LAFD Deputy Chief Justin Grider, the incident is now undergoing a routine investigation. 

    “The standard protocol is to bring in a fire investigator,” Grider said. 

    “When you bring in a fire investigator people automatically think ‘arson’ but we investigate every fire, whether it was started by a mouse or kids with matches,” Grider said.

  • Police beat 04-02-13

     Police Beat items are compiled from public information contained in Los Alamos Police Department Records. Charges or citations listed in Police Beat do not imply innocence or guilt. The Los Alamos Police Department uses the term “arrest” to define anyone who has been physically arrested, served a court summons, or issued a citation.


    March 22

    8:01 a.m. — A 78-year-old Los Alamos man reported to police criminal damage to property in the 1300 block of Diamond Drive.


    11:27 a.m. — Officials of The Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church reported damage to their property (less than $1,000) in the 3700 block of Canyon Road.

  • Talking wildifres
  • Frozen in time: Residents question sculpture plan

    A lively debate on the county's Open Forum website prompted the Art in Public Places Board to table a plan to erect statues of Norris and Lois Bradbury at the Municipal Building until after receiving direction from the Los Alamos County council.

    The Open Forum question was "Which Norris and Lois Bradbury sculpture should be recommended to the County Council for fabrication and installation at the new Los Alamos County Municipal Building?" Citizens were asked to select one of three designs.

    But rather than voting on an artist, a number of citizens voiced criticism of the project itself, including some who said, "I'm against this, but if you must do it, my first choice is…"

    Vice Chair Ken Nebel counted 36 respondents opposed to the project.

    Some opposition was simply against the location of the statues. Some suggested the Bradbury Science Museum would be a more appropriate location.

  • Sneak Peek: World Trade Center Observation Deck
  • Researcher deciphers HIV attack plan

     A new study by Los Alamos National Laboratory and University of Pennsylvania scientists defines previously unknown properties of transmitted HIV-1, the virus that causes AIDS. The viruses that successfully pass from a chronically infected person to a new individual are both remarkably resistant to a powerful initial human immune-response mechanism, and they are blanketed in a greater amount of envelope protein that helps them access and enter host cells.

    These findings will help inform vaccine design and interpretation of vaccine trials, and provide new insights into the basic biology of viral/host dynamics of infection.

  • LA school board to streamline meetings

    Education is one thing and construction is another, according to the Los Alamos School Board’s new president, Jim Hall.

    In an effort to streamline board meetings and put more focus on educational topics, Hall and the rest of the board have opted to have meetings that focus solely on education issues and then have meetings on the ongoing construction taking place at the Los Alamos Middle School and Aspen Elementary School on another day. 

    The board has also opted to select and group “routine” items from the regular agenda and put them into a consent agenda so they can treat the group as one item.

  • Raw: Leno, Fallon Put 'Tonight' Rumor to Music