Today's News

  • GSA embraces students’ diversity

    From the group that brought Los Alamos High School students diversity week, comes a story of mutual acceptance and friendships regardless of one’s sexuality.
    Born roughly 10 years ago, under the supervision of LAHS teachers Brian Easton and Joy Handsberry, the Gay Straight Alliance of Los Alamos High School tries to enhance the acceptance of diversity amongst LAHS students and staff.

  • Kanye West and Jay-Z do what they love

    In the mid-2000s, it seems you couldn’t watch a hip-hop video without seeing rapper Jonathan Mortimer Smith, aka Lil’ Jon of Lil’ Jon and the Eastside Boyz featured.
    He was everywhere and did collaborations with everyone from Usher and Ludacris, to Bay Area rapper E-40. Nowadays, it seems as if he’s faded into the background and made way for Kanye West.

  • Andrew and Mousie 09-25-11
  • Word on the Street 09-25-11

    Teen Pulse staff member Courtney Collier, a junior at Los Alamos High School, recently asked teens from around the country, who accompanied her on a mission trip to New York, “How old is too old, when it comes to dating?”

  • Youth Activity Center schedule 09-25-11

    Monday — Card games
    Tuesday — Othelle and Connect Four
    Wednesday —   Movies and  munchies
    Thursday — Rice Krispie treats
    Friday —   Sidewalk murals
    All children   promoted to third through eighth grade are welcome to join free of  charge. The  centers are  located at 475 20th Street (by Ashley Pond)  and  10 Sherwood Blvd., Piñon Park. Call 662-9412 or 672-1565 for information.

  • LAHS teachers need supplies

    The Los Alamos High School ’Topper Parent Organization is for parents who would like to be involved to help insure the best possible educational experience at LAHS. The TPO is dedicated to serving the needs of students, parents and staff. For more information, visit www.laschools.net/LAHS under Committees and Organizations, or join today at lahstpo@gmail.com.
    One of the ongoing activities of the LAHS TPO is to present a list of items needed by LAHS staff to meet or enhance educational needs.
    Parents, community groups and individuals are encouraged to donate. Based on available funds and priorities, the TPO may also acquire items for staff use.

  • Thank you 09-25-11

    Residents show appreciation for the dog park

    If you peer between a soccer field and a baseball field near the east end of Overlook Park, you’ll see that the dog park in White Rock has been getting some major renovations — a sprinkler system has been installed, grass seeds have been planted and grass is starting to grow.
    What an excitement for us to see a beautiful place for our dogs to play in the near future.
    We want to express our sincere gratitude to Dick McIntyre, Parks Division manager and Jeff Humpton, Parks superintendent, for listening to our request and working diligently to plan these renovations in a timely and cost-effective manner.

  • Just one more reason to love this community

    This week we look at asset #24, bonding to school and how a young person needs to care about their school.
    I love that this asset falls at this time of the year because homecoming is upon us. This is the time when everybody is a Hilltopper.
    It doesn’t matter if you grew up here, graduated from here or have kids in the school system. Next week we all bleed green and gold when the ’Toppers take the field.
    I would love to bottle this week and carry it around all year.
    We need to have ’Topper spirit when we attend the homecoming game, when the girl’s volleyball team plays a game, when the Olions have a production, the Hilltalkers, debate and when the NJROTC, runs, shoots and drills their way through a competition.

  • Fighting the law and saving money

     The laws of physical science teach us we can neither  create nor destroy energy. But it’s also a simple fact that we can surely waste it.
    And that raises the possibility of saving money by refusing to let energy slip through our fingers.  
    Typical families in the U.S. spend about $1,900 each year on home utility bills. That’s $160 per month. Your bills may be higher if your household consumes a lot of energy, if you heat with oil or if you live where the cost of electrical power is high.  

  • Seismic issues rumble to surface

    The general thrust of Joni Arends’ presentation at Tuesday night’s Chemistry Metallurgy Research Replacement (CMRR) Project meeting was that the facility had to be designed for an 8.0 magnitude earthquake.

    Lab officials, meanwhile, contend that the design should be able to withstand a 7.27 earthquake.

    So who is right?

    “Some of the points that were brought up in presentations were addressed in responses provided to comments made on the CMRR Supplemental EIS,” LANL’s Larry Goen said Wednesday. “The information we have gathered from the paleoseismic investigations do not suggest earthquakes as large as Magnitude 8 occur on the Pajarito Fault System.”