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The Kiwanis Club thrills the crowd at Overlook Park July 4, 2016, with its exciting display of fireworks. Los Alamos Fire Department expects to decide Friday whether to allow the club to proceed with this year's annual display, considering the fire restrictions in the area.
Kiwanis Club waits for OK for fireworks

The fireworks for the annual Fourth of July celebration at Overlook Park in White Rock have been purchased and are stored in a safe location in Los Alamos.

Now comes the wait to see if the Kiwanis Club will be able to shoot off those fireworks at the annual celebration in White Rock.

Los Alamos Fire Chief Troy Hughes will make that decision on Friday.

“We’ve spent about $18,000 on fireworks this year and that’s about 5,600 shells,” said Kiwanis Club member Pat Soran, who is in charge of planning and coordinating the annual fireworks display. “We have a magazine that’s been certified by the ATF that we store the fireworks in here in Los Alamos. It has to be certified every three years and you have to have one regardless of whether you’re storing them for one day or several years.”

The display was canceled the year of the Cerro Grande fire, as well as the next two years, forcing the Kiwanis Club to store those fireworks in the magazine for three years.

“They stay in good shape,” said Soran. “I guess it’s like wine, they get better with age.”

When it comes to fireworks Soran knows his business.