Monitor File Photo
Former Regional Coalition of LANL Communities Executive Director Andrea Romero.
County may face future scrutiny by auditor

Los Alamos County is not out of the woods yet. State Auditor Wayne Johnson said last week more details were found in the audit of the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities that may require follow up with the county.

“Obviously, I’m concerned a bit because of the RCLC… You would think they would be aware of state law regarding reimbursement the first time a $28 shot of Whistle Pig came across their desk and it wasn’t flagged. It does concern me and it may be more there that needs to be looked at,” Johnson said. 

“You kind of get to be looking at the fire right in front of you and not the one next to it. It’s something we need to be looking into,” he said.

Johnson said it could be as soon as this year.

“I haven’t made that full determination, but at some point we will be looking at it, Johnson said. “This is about corrective action and making sure the entities are following the law and their own policies, not so much about beating them up.”

A set of documents, ranging from October 2015 to July 2016, requested by the Los Alamos Monitor through a public information request showed former Executive Director Andrea Romero appeared to use RCLC funds as her personal burrito lunch fund.