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  • LA Generosity Reaches Out To Uganda Youth

    In February 2011, I was asked a question, by a Soroti village soccer coach, “Will you help collect from your soccer community used soccer supplies for the children of Uganda?”
    Thank you Los Alamos community from the children of Soroti, Uganda as The Soroti Eagles Soccer Academy receives their first of 23 boxes collected from Los Alamos.
    Michael John Erebu of Uganda had come to the United States with the Watoto Children’s Choir of Uganda as they visited Crossroads Bible Church in Los Alamos. While visiting and staying at our home along with two boys, he had the opportunity to observe my son during a soccer practice. Erebu is also involved with AICA Ministries in Africa as the country director for the ministry, whose vision is to empower vulnerable families.
    I invited him to watch my son’s soccer game and he shared his involvement as a coach with the Soroti Eagles Soccer Academy, a Christian non-governmental organization. Telling of the plight of the children in the village of Soroti, Erebu said, “many of these children are orphans and living in the streets, they do not have food and sleep under trees or wherever they find cover.”
    The particular league has different children that join every year from ages 11, 14 and 17, boys and girls. Erebu began organizing the soccer holiday cups in 1999.

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  • Today in History September 25
  • Lawmakers oppose gay marriage, file suit

    SANTA FE (AP) — Republican legislators are urging New Mexico’s highest court to declare that state law prohibits same-sex marriage.
    Nearly two dozen current and former GOP lawmakers made the legal pitch to the state Supreme Court in a “friend-of-the-court” brief filed in advance of a hearing later this month in a case that could resolve whether gay marriage is legal in New Mexico.
    The American Civil Liberties Union of New Mexico and other supporters of gay marriage also submitted written arguments Monday, providing a preview of the legal debate that will play out in front of the five-member court at its Oct. 23 hearing.
    At issue for the high court is an Albuquerque judge’s ruling last month that it’s unconstitutional to deny marriage licenses to gay and lesbian couples.
    “New Mexico’s guarantee of equal protection to its citizens demands that same sex couples be permitted to enjoy the benefits of marriage in the same way and to the same extent as other New Mexico citizens,” Attorney General Gary King said in arguments submitted on behalf of the judge.

  • Storm causes power outages

    Just in case your rattling windows or runaway garbage cans didn’t fill you in, Los Alamos was hit by a fairly strong wind and rain event Sunday evening.
    According to Justin Grider, deputy chief for the Los Alamos Fire Department, the storm left downed trees and power lines in its wake. There was also a car accident that happened on N.M. 4 that night as well.
    However, no one was injured and there were no fires due to the downed lines.
    According to Grider, there was a power line down at the stables on North Mesa, as well as one on 35th Street. The fire department also responded to downed powerline on property owned by the Los Alamos National Laboratory.
    “There was no fire, just lines down and arcing,” Grider said.
    The fire department also reported downed trees, one on N.M. 4 and one on Diamond Drive, both situations were cleaned up quickly.
    Los Alamos Department of Public Utilities Officials reported that power was fully restored on Monday to the many customers who lost electricity following Sunday’s storm.
    High wind, rain and lightning caused multiple outages Sunday evening throughout the Los Alamos town site. DPU electric lineman worked around the clock until Monday morning.

  • Update 09-24-13

    Quilt guild

    The Los Alamos Piecemakers Quilt Guild annual potluck dinner. 6 p.m. tonight at the United Church. Those who are interested in quilting are welcome to join the group. Participants are asked to bring the Fall Challenge Block.

    LA Walks

    LA Walks, a not-for-profit citizens group, will have a Fall Start-up meeting from noon to 1 p.m. at the Mesa Public Library. Community participation is encouraged.

    Park flight

    Park Flight Interns Talk. 7 p.m. Join Jaime Garizábal, of Colombia and Vanessa Sandoval, of Bolivia, two biology interns who have spent the summer banding birds as part of the Park Flight program at Bandelier. They will discuss the birds, people, places and cultures of their respective countries. Free. For more information, visit PajaritoEEC.org, call 662-0460, or email Programs@PajaritoEEC.org.

    Council meeting

    The Los Alamos County Council will meet at noon Friday in council chambers in the Municipal Building.

    Farmers Market

    The Los Alamos Farmers Market will be. 7 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Thursday in the Mesa Public Library parking lot.

  • Manhattan Project Park in limbo

    Legislation to create the Manhattan Project National Historical Park is one of many bills languishing in the Senate as the debate over the continuing resolution to fund the government and legislation to raise the debt ceiling rages on.

    On June 14, the House voted to include the Manhattan Project National Historical Park Act (H.R. 1208) as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), H.R. 1960. The companion bill in the Senate (S. 507) also passed out of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources on June 27.

    Where the legislation goes from here is still up in the air.

    The senate has not yet passed the Defense Authorization Act, which is considered “must pass” legislation. Once the Senate acts, a joint committee must reconcile differences in the bill. There is a good chance Doc Hastings, (R-Wash.), Chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources and one of the proposed park’s strongest supporters, will sit on the joint committee.

    If the amendment to include H.R. 1208 in the NDAA is not stripped out during that process, and the final version passes both House and Senate, the bill will become law.

    The Senate has also implemented a strategy called “hotlining” to enact a collection of park bills that have cleared the Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

  • Researchers Working on Fire Hazard Scale

    The National Institute for Standards and Technology is developing a wildfire scale similar to those for hurricanes and tornadoes. It would predict the force of a fire, how many homes could burn and how embers would spread.

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  • WWII Soldier's Letter Finally Reaches Daughter

    A Nevada woman has received a letter written by her father, a World War II soldier, in 1944. Pfc. John Eddington wrote the letter to his baby daughter a few months before he died in Italy in 1944.