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  • Missouri fugitive nabbed in Los Alamos

    Rowena MacDonald, 46, a woman wanted on numerous charges for methamphetamine dealing and manufacturing in St Louis County, Mo.,  was picked up by law enforcement at noon Thursday, the Los Alamos Police Department said Friday.

    MacDonald was detained on warrants out of Missouri, according to LAPD Commander Randy Foster.

    The warrants were issued in connection with her alleged activities dealing meth in Missouri.

    The original charges were possession of a controlled substance, distributing a controlled substance after admitting to using meth and allowing others to manufacture the drug at her home, according to authorities.

    Court documents, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, said that MacDonald allowed others to cook and make meth at her Missouri home. The newspaper also reported that MacDonald bought pseudoephedrine 25 times in St. Louis County from 2010 to 2012.

    “Los Alamos contacted us,” St. Louis County Police spokesman George Vaughn said. “And we have her on our wanted list. We are going to send our fugitive team out to get her and bring her back.”

    Foster said MacDonald  was picked up by Sgt. Chris Valdez from New Mexico State Police around noon Thursday and taken to the Los Alamos Detention Center where she was still being held.

  • Clarification 03-01-13

    A story in Wednesday’s Los Alamos Monitor reported on a juvenile in a video that aimed a gun at another teen, according to a Los Alamos Police report. LAPD Cmdr. Randy Foster said Thursday the weapon was actually a BB gun. However, the aggravated assault charges on the two juveniles still stand.

  • Update 03-01-13

    Library meeting

    The Library Board will meet at 5:30 p.m. Monday at White Rock Branch Library.

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    There will be a charity benefit for Cindy Geoffrion from 5-9 p.m. Saturday at De Colores. $5 donation at the door, music by Jemez’s Train Wreck Blues Band. A cash bar will be available.

    Council meeting

    Los Alamos County Council will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday in council chambers.

    Photo show

    The Los Alamos Photography Club (LAPC) will be hosting its annual photography show for 2013 at the Mesa Public Library from March 4 through March 29. 

  • WR retailers inspire creativity

    No matter the type of crafting project, it’s likely you’ll find what you’re looking for in White Rock. Los Alamos’ only suburb is home to two arts and crafts stores and each one offers something a little different; yet both shops offer a schedule of crafting classes for children and adults.

    Warm Hearts Yarn moved into its new location by the Children’s Clinic last December. Owner Katie Brousseau originally created the shop in hopes of reviving interest in the fiber arts, especially in young people; and to create a sense of community, which she believes is a great part of the shop’s success. In fact, the recent move was a direct result of a need for classroom space to accommodate their ever-growing class schedule.

    The shop also needed room to grow. In the larger space, the shop has expanded to include sewing and quilting supplies, fabric and more merchandise from local consigners; in addition, to high-quality fibers and knitting/crocheting supplies which set the store’s inventory apart.

  • New start for New Beginnings -- Video extra

    Local construction and demolition crews leveled New Beginnings Church Friday
    after most of it was destroyed by fire last year, Read about pastor Shawn Amburgey’s plans for the church in
    Sunday’s Los Alamos Monitor.  

  • A-19 master plan in final stages

    Approximately 25 people attended a meeting in White Rock earlier this week to get a glimpse of the newest master plan options for the A-19 development.

    “I think overall people are very engaged, and they want to see something happen,” said Housing and Special Projects Manager Paul Andrus. “I think they were very curious about the process, both the county’s planning and approval process but also what the stages of the development are expected to be.”

    Dekker/Perich/Sabatini, the consultant charged with developing the A-19-a master planning study, presented two options for consideration. The major difference between concepts is in the design for the commercial area of the mixed-use development.

    An open plaza concept has more space between buildings and would provide more visibility into the plaza from N.M. 4. The idea was to give a very visible, destination feeling for those driving by on the highway. The concept received little public support.

    The more intimate internal plaza concept found several supporters. Many believe having the plaza protected by buildings in close proximity to each other would buffer noise from the highway and lend itself better to outdoor dining, concerts and other activities.

  • What's for Dinner? in Michigan, It's Muskrat
  • Today in History, March 1st
  • Business as usual at the lab

    Los Alamos National Laboratory Director Charlie McMillan reiterated it will be business as usual as automatic budget cuts to planned spending increases are expected to take effect.

    McMillan has said previously that the actions the lab took in 2012 to control spending has given it some flexibility to deal with budget uncertainties in 2013.

    Here is the text of McMillan’s memo that was sent to employees Thursday.

    “We are now hours away from March 1, the day federal budget cuts are scheduled to take effect in an action called “sequestration,” and I wanted to keep you posted on where things stand here at Los Alamos.

    “We will be in business as usual here tomorrow and next week. I will be at work and you should plan to be as well. What remains uncertain is the final budget reduction numbers to each NNSA site. Once those numbers are shared with us, we will know which one or combination of options will make the most sense for the laboratory.

    “I remain convinced that a reduction of the permanent workforce here is not viable. However, further reductions in purchasing and subcontracts, use of carryover funds, and — as a last resort — short-term furloughs remain on the table.

  • Remembering the Raid on Waco, 20 Years Later

    20 years later, three ATF agents reflect upon the day "that changed law enforcement;" the tragic raid on the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas. Four agents died along with 6 Davidians and a deadly 51-day standoff ensued.