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  • Today in History April 12
  • North Korea hints it will soon launch a missile


    PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — Hinting at a missile launch, North Korea delivered a fresh round of war rhetoric Thursday with claims it has "powerful striking means" on standby. Seoul and Washington speculated that it is preparing to test-fire a missile designed to be capable of reaching the U.S. territory of Guam in the Pacific Ocean.

    The latest rhetoric came as new U.S. intelligence was revealed showing North Korea is now probably capable of arming a ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead.

    On the streets of Pyongyang, North Koreans shifted into party mode as they celebrated the anniversary of leader Kim Jong Un's appointment to the country's top party post — one in a slew of titles collected a year ago in the months after his father Kim Jong Il's death.

    But while there was calm in Pyongyang, there was condemnation in London, where foreign ministers from the Group of Eight nations slammed North Korea for "aggressive rhetoric" that they warned would only further isolate the impoverished, tightly controlled nation.

  • Nearly 200,000 eligible for state health credits

    ALBUQUERQUE (AP) — Nearly 192,000 New Mexicans will be eligible for subsidies to help pay for health insurance next year, according to a report an advocacy group released Wednesday.
    The report from Families USA, a Washington-based consumer health organization, said the federal tax credits that take effect Jan. 1 will make health insurance affordable for many working families and young people.
    “The tax credit subsidies are a game-changer,” Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA, said in a conference call. “They will make health coverage affordable to huge numbers of families that would otherwise be priced out of the health coverage and care they need.”
    Barbara Webber, executive director of Health Action New Mexico, said New Mexico is one of the states with the most to gain from the new health care laws because of its high numbers of uninsured and underinsured residents.
    “Many of our families have gone for generations without health care coverage,” she said.

  • Update 04-11-13

    BPU meeting

    The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Public Utilities will meet at 5:30 p.m. April 17 in the DPU Conference Room, 170 Central Park Square.

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    County Council

    The Los Alamos County Council will hold budget hearings beginning at 7 p.m. April 15 in council chambers.

    Run For Her Life

    3rd Annual Run For Her Life Fight Breast Cancer 5K or 10K Run or Walk $25 (first 100 get a T-shirt) $30 after Wednesday and on race day) All donations and race proceeds will go to Hadassah for breast cancer research, education and treatment. Race begins at 9 a.m. Sunday at East Park.

    Poetry gatherings

    Mesa Public Library is pleased to host Poetry Gatherings, a place for people to share their love of poetry. The gatherings take place on the second Thursday of each month in the Upstairs Rotunda at Mesa Public Library from 6:30-8 p.m. 

  • Packed house at Bradbury

    Colonel Paul Tibbets, IV, the grand son of the Enola Gay’s pilot, shared personal remembrances of his grandfather’s military career at a lecture Wednesday night in front of a packed house at Bradbury Museum.

  • Southwest Jemez Mountains Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project meeting set for Friday


    The Southwest Jemez Mountains Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Project (SWJMCFLRP) will present a monitoring project update Friday, April 12 at Santa Fe Community College. A complete day of presentations is scheduled from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. in the Lecture Hall auditorium, Room 216.

    In 2009 Congress established the Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration Program to fund and encourage the collaborative, science-based ecosystem restoration of priority forest landscapes. In 2010 The Southwest Jemez Mountains Project was among the first selected to participate in the program.

    Collaboration was a key component in developing the monitoring plan and continues to be essential in implementing the various monitoring activities. The monitoring provides data which is used to determine whether the project is meeting its goals or to adjust treatments to achieve the best results. The objectives are to reduce risk of wildfire, enrich wildlife habitat and strengthen watershed condition.

    Participating members of the SWJMCFLRP will present results of monitoring that took place in 2012. Presentations will also illustrate how critical ecosystems are monitored and will include discussions about anthropological, social and economic factors.


  • Today in History April 11
  • Ga. firefighters relieved hostage ordeal is over


    SUWANEE, Ga. (AP) — It's a call that firefighters routinely respond to — a report of a medical emergency.

    But when five firefighters answered one in a neighborhood north of Atlanta on Wednesday afternoon, authorities said, they encountered an armed man who demanded that his cable and power be turned back on at the house, which was in foreclosure.

    The firefighters were held for hours, with one firefighter allowed to leave to move a fire truck. But with police later fearing the remaining firefighters were in immediate danger, SWAT teams set off a stun blast and stormed the house, and the gunman was shot dead during an exchange of gunfire, authorities said.

    One SWAT team member was shot in the hand or arm but was OK afterward, and firefighters suffered only minor injuries, authorities said.

    Gwinnett County police on Wednesday night didn't immediately release the name of the dead man or discuss details of the operation. However, the firefighters and a wounded police officer were treated at a nearby hospital and in good condition. Some had already gone home.

  • County announces move-in schedule for Muni Building


    The new Municipal Building is nearly completed.

    The County expects building occupancy permits within the week. The move schedule has been finalized for staff to start moving into the new building in May.

    County staff are working hard as they prepare to move to minimize disruptions to customer service and keep services up and running. Below is the move schedule by department. Please note that the staff may have limited phone and computer services on the actual day of the physical move and the day after the physical move. The County Clerk and the County Assessor will have a temporary office with limited services the day of their move, located in the new municipal building in the Boards and Commissions Room (Room 110) on the first floor, next to the new Council Chambers.

  • Post Office retreats on Saturday mail

    WASHINGTON (AP) — The financially beleaguered Postal Service backpedaled on its plan to end Saturday mail delivery, conceding Wednesday that its gamble to compel congressional approval had failed.

    With limited options for saving money, the governing board said the agency should reopen negotiations with unions to lower labor costs and consider raising mail prices.