Local News

  • Interior Dept. BAER team joins fight

    The Department of the Interior BAER Team was ordered and tasked by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to assess the damage to and potential threats to BIA trust lands caused by the Las Conchas Fire. The team's first priority is Santa Clara Canyon. The team joins other BAER teams to make up the Las Conches BAER Team. The Las Conches BAER Team has divided the fire into the North Zone and South Zone. The task of the team is to collaborate and share resources to provide a unified approach to assessing fire effects.

  • Pajarito Mountain fire update


    Fire teams are still on the ski area taking care of spot fires and mopping up using tankers, pumpers  and hand lines (hose lines strung out from the pumpers that are filled from the tankers).  This activity may continue for some time, unless we see significant rain.  We did receive an afternoon shower on the ski area yesterday, and last night it also rained a bit, mostly on the lower part of the mountain, but it was great to see some moisture.  A reclamation team will arrive at some point to start remediation on the mountain, but we don't yet know when that will be.

  • Governor declares state of emergency to augment flood mitigation resources

    Governor Susana Martinez declared a State of Emergency to allow for the effective placement of resources for emergency flood mitigation to augment existing flood mitigation efforts.

    “After a long drought and fires, conditions exist that could lead to increased flooding throughout the state,” Governor Martinez said. “This Declaration allows the State to provide counties, cities, and pueblos with additional resources in preparation for flooding. This assistance will help higher risk areas such as those surrounding Cochiti Canyon, Ruidoso Downs, or the Santa Clara Pueblo, but it will also allow for higher statewide preparedness.”

  • Bandelier National Monument Begin Process of Fire Recovery, Flood Preparedness

    Bandelier National Monument staff, with the assistance of the National Park Service Intermountain All Risk Management Team has begun the process of damage assessment and rehabilitation after the Las Conchas Fire burned over half of the Monument. They are also working to re-establish limited visitor services.

     A Burned Area Emergency Response Team will be assessing post-fire threats to life, cultural/natural resources and property. They will determine effective measures to mitigate or minimize risks and implement emergency stabilization treatments. Due to an increasing chance of large rain storms and the loss of vegetation due to the fire, there is great concern about potential flooding in Frijoles canyon and other areas of the Monument.

  • Las Conchas Fire photos from 07-08-11
  • NMDOT releases 2011 map

    The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) is providing a new 2011 state transportation map in July.  
    The NMDOT map is the department’s most popular publication; featuring the state’s extensive highway system.
    “New Mexico is so vast and beautiful; it offers so many enchanting features that can be discovered on the new map,” said Transportation Secretary Alvin Dominguez.  “I hope the new map serves as a guide to all those traveling through our great state.”
    New Mexico residents and out of state residents have a great new resource for mapping their way through New Mexico.  The new map provides forest information, scenic by-way routes, ghost towns, guides, mileage scale, and brand new photos.

  • Governor outlines flood mitigation efforts

    Governor Susana Martinez today announced flood mitigation efforts being undertaken by her administration, including requesting a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) liaison to participate in the planning and preparation. State officials are cautioning New Mexico residents of the possibility of an increased flood threat, as a result of the severe fire season.

  • Transportation Board recommends MIG proceed

    Considering the fireworks over proposed changes to Trinity Drive during the past months, two meetings Thursday to review the “Comprehensive Transportation Corridor Study and Plan for NM502” were relatively quiet. Less than 20 people attended the public meeting in the afternoon, and only 16 were at the transportation board meeting Thursday night.

    Jay Renkens, director of urban planning services for MIG and Sharat Kalluri, senior traffic engineer for CDM discussed the results of the study, which was posted on the county website last week. Sessions were largely devoted to answering questions from the public and the board.

  • Dealing with smoke odor

    A lot of people have returned to Los Alamos after spending more than a week away from home after being forced to being evacuated by the Las Conchas Fire.

    The biggest problem people face when they come back seems to be the smoke.

    Not only is it hard to breathe, but the smoke also permeates inside the home, leaving somewhat of a stench.

    Steve Borbas, the owner of the Woodland Motel in Salida Colo, phoned the Los Alamos Monitor Thursday with a solution to the smoke smell problem.

    His hotel played host to a number of Los Alamos evacuees in the past week.

    “We had an experience at our motel many years ago that could be of help to people with a smoke smell problem.

  • Evacuation of elderly praised

    The excitement is over and life is once again sedate for more than 100 senior citizens and a multitude of birds and fish at Sombrillo Nursing & Rehabilitation Center and Aspen Ridge assisted living facility following last week’s Las Conchas Fire evacuation.

    “Prior to the evacuation, we had 52 residents at Sombrillo and 51 at Aspen Ridge,” said Executive Director Teresa Williams of the Los Alamos Retirement Community. Williams also is the administrator at Sombrillo and Stella Dante is director of Aspen.

    Williams explained that some of the families of residents picked them up during the initial voluntary evacuation during the morning of June 27.