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  • Tasty Gifts From Home for the Holidays

    If it’s truly better to give than to receive, why not give more than gifts from the store this holiday season? Home-baked treats are the perfect way to warm a heart and satisfy a sweet tooth for the people on your “nice” list.
    “Take a break from the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping, and spend a pleasant day in your cozy kitchen making home-baked gifts, like little loaves of Chocolate Hazelnut Fruit Bread,” said Martha White® baking expert Linda Carman. “Giving someone a homemade gift is special because it’s a priceless gift of your time.”

  • Judge clears Vigils of abuse charges in newborn's death

    State District Judge Michael Vigil has ruled that prosecutors lacked evidence to pursue abuse charges against Katrina Vigil and her parents in the September 2010 death of Grey Vigil.

    Judge Vigil said Wednesday in a Santa Fe courtroom that there is no probable cause to charge Katrina Vigil, 25, with abuse or neglect in the death of her newborn son who lived just 11 days after being born in her parents Los Alamos home.

    The judge, who is not related to the Vigils, issued the ruling based on autopsy findings that showed the baby was born with critical brain defects that likely would have resulted in the child's death regardless of medical care. Additionally, Judge Vigil said he saw no evidence presented that indicated Grey Vigil was abused.

  • VIDEO: Preparations underway for Macy's Parade
  • Plane with 3 men, 3 children crashes in Arizona--video extras

    PHOENIX (AP) — A small airplane slammed into a sheer cliff in the mile-high mountains east of Phoenix and exploded, killing the six people onboard, including the pilot and his three young children who were to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with him, authorities said.

    The body of one child was recovered and dozens of sheriff's search and rescue personnel worked Thursday to recover the remains of the other victims, said Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu.

  • Welcome reception

    The reception at Fuller Lodge for introducing County Administrator Harry Burgess and Fire Chief Troy Hughes was filled to capacity. Council Chair Sharon Stover said she had never seen such a turnout. “It says a lot about what people believe and hope for with these changes,” Stover said.

  • Update 11-24-11


    The Elk’s Lodge, VFW and American Legion will host the annual Community Thanksgiving Dinner on Thursday at the Elk’s Lodge. Serving is from
    11 a.m.-2 p.m. For information, contact Lisa Harris or Reine Williams at 662-5611.

    County Council

    The Los Alamos County Council will meet at 7 p.m., Dec. 6 at council chambers in the Community Building.

    Court closed

    The Magistrate Court will close Nov. 30, Dec. 1 and Dec. 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 for computer training for the judge and staff. Anyone who has court business may come to the court before or after those closing dates.

    No trash pick-up

  • More trails open at Bandelier

    Bandelier Superintendent Jason Lott has announced that beginning Thursday, Nov. 24, the park’s backcountry trails will be open for hiking.

    According to Lott, “Between the Las Conchas Fire in June and the floods that followed it, the Bandelier Wilderness is a much wilder place than it used to be, beautiful but in a different way than before. Hikers are now welcome to go out and explore, but they’ll need to be prepared for rough conditions.”

    Flames from the huge wildfire passed through almost two-thirds of the park, and were followed by severe flash flooding in all the canyons. Many sections of trail, especially switchbacks down steep slopes, are severely eroded and rough or destroyed.

  • First Born Program Targets Child Development

    Research conducted to evaluate the long-term success of War on Poverty programs to help underprivileged children develop language and scholastic skills revealed a disturbing fact. Although children’s skills increased during the program, they quickly reverted back to their initial limitations after the program ended.

    Researchers looked for answers in the first three years of a child’s life, and discovered what they called the “30 million word gap,” which corresponded closely with socioeconomic status.

    Although all the families nurtured and played and talked with their children, those in poverty-stricken homes would hear an average of 30 million words less by the age of three than those in professional homes.

  • Costlier holiday travel off to fast start across U.S.

    CHICAGO (AP) — Holiday travel got off to a soggy start in parts of the country Wednesday as millions of Americans undeterred by costlier gas and airfare set out for Thanksgiving celebrations, but few major problems were reported.
    About 42.5 million people are expected to drive, fly or ride trains to their Thanksgiving destinations, according to travel tracker AAA. That’s the highest number since the start of the recession, despite an average 20 percent increase in travel costs.

  • Seen at the Scene: Changing Seasons

    Winter is right around the corner in Los Alamos but you would never know it by these photos taken this week at the skate park by Mesa Library and at Ashley Pond.