Local News

  • Council seeks CRC members

    The Los Alamos County Council is continuing its review of the County’s Charter and will appoint a five-member committee to study utilities-related sections. 

    The committee will include one member of council, one member of the Department of Public Utilities’ Board and three citizens who meet any one of the following qualifications: 

    • a member of the community with management experience; 

    • a member of the community with accounting experience; and 

    • a member of the community at large

  • County begins new session tonight

    The Los Alamos County Council begins a new session this evening with three new faces. Steve Girrens, Kristin Henderson and Pete Sheehey all take their seats for the first time at 7 p.m. in council chambers. 

    One of the most significant items on the agenda is the election of a new chair and vice chair. 

    The remainder of the agenda is comprised largely of housekeeping items. 

    Council will adopt rules for public notification of all meetings by the council, boards and commissions, the county hospital and the county indigent board. 

  • 'LANL 6' plans to bring friends to hearing

    Two hundred to 300 people showed up at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Santa Fe Sunday in support of the self-proclaimed “LANL 6,” the name protesters gave themselves shortly after being arrested Aug. 6, for allegedly blocking traffic to the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

    Arrested on that day were: Pam Gilchrist and Cathie Sullivan of Santa Fe; Benjamin “Summer” Abbott, Janet Greenwald and Barbara Grothus of Albuquerque; and Wind Euler of Tucson, Ariz. 

    Aug. 6 is the first time a nuclear weapon was ever used in war and anti-nuclear organizations pick that day to protest at the lab every year.

  • Bond forum turns into rally

    Though there were only 13 people in the audience, mostly public officials or former educators who showed up at a forum designed to educate the public about a key educational issue Los Alamos residents will soon be voting on. 

    Los Alamos Public Schools Dr. Gene Schmidt was among those most enthused. 

    “This was a pep rally,” Schmidt said. “The nice part about that is it reaffirms my belief that people are excited about education. These people are all ‘yes’ votes, yet they still showed up to say ‘we want to vote yes.’ ”

  • LANL pulls Chinese components from computers

    The Los Alamos National Laboratory has replaced numerous Chinese components in all of its computer systems over security concerns, according to the Reuters News Agency. 

    The parts in question are network switches manufactured by H3C Technologies. Network switches are used to manage data traffic.

    Reuters learned of LANL’s concerns through a Nov. 5 letter written by the acting chief information officer at LANL to the Department of Energy’s national nuclear security administration’s manager for safeguards and security. 

    NNSA did not respond to a request for comment.

    The letter detailed how an unidentified network engineer at LANL alerted authorities that the devices were being installed on the networks, and that there may be some already installed on the networks. 

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