The Recycle Fair and Fashion Show at Chamisa Elementary School offered students a chance to show off their creativity and learn about recycling and saving the environment.
Recycle Fair, fashion show hits stride

Students of all ages showed off their latest fashion creations and taught people what they could do to save the Earth Wednesday at the Recycle Fair and Fashion Show.

Anna Gattis, 9, who wants to be an actress and a singer when she grows up, said the best thing about the show was that it gave her an outlet for her creativity.

“It’s really exciting because you get to express yourself using recyclable materials, and helping raising consciousness about saving the planet,” Gattis said.

Gattis received a lot of applause for her dress made of black-and-white plastic bags.

That was precisely the message Chamisa art teacher Renee Mitsunaga and Los Alamos County Environmental Services Manager Angelica Gurule wanted to get out there.  

“This is also about teaching kids how to recycle, and how much waste we generate,” Gurule said.

She said while the fashion show was definitely the main event, there were also a number of booths set up in the hallways of the school showing how recycling and pollution has an impact on the environment.

There were also crafts booths, where students learned how to make flowers out of cardboard.