New Mexico State Auditor Wayne Johnson said he has a passion for transparency, ethics and accountability.
NM’s ‘Chief Transparency Officer' shines light on bad government

Like some other government officials, New Mexico State Auditor Wayne Johnson started his political career as an ordinary citizen who had a negative experience with his local government. Johnson, a Republican, is running for state auditor this year in the General Election.

Johnson started his public life when he got involved in a dispute with a neighbor who had deep political connections.

“I felt like I wasn’t treated fairly. I decided, ‘well, I can get mad and continue to yell at the TV, or I can do something about it,’” Johnson said.

Johnson’s first successful run for office was for Bernalillo County Commissioner, where he quickly became known as the commissioner who pushed for greater transparency in government, ethics and accountability, things he’s been building his public career on ever since. While in office, he said, he was responsible for creating one of the strongest Sunshine Portals in the state. New Mexico’s Sunshine Portals are transparency and accountability programs New Mexico’s municipal and county governments offer citizens.

“My platform and my first act was about transparency. It’s one of the best tools to use to modify good behavior in government. People tend to act better if they know they are being observed,” Johnson said.