Aries Margiotta/Monitor
Former Regional Coalition of LANL Communities Executive Director Andrea Romero discusses the state auditor’s report that listed re-imbursement improprieties by RCLC officials Wednesday. Sitting next to her is her campaign manager, Neri Holguin.
Romero looks to move on from audit

Andrea Romero continued to take responsibility Wednesday for her part in improper re-imbursement requests during her time at the helm of the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities.

But she and her campaign also singled out other officials who could share the blame.

Those improprieties were pointed out in a reports issued by the state auditor as well as the recent report issued by Adams+Crow law firm. But she said she also believes there are more reasonable explanations for the missteps than what these reports would lead one to believe.

“I’m deeply, terribly sorry for any of the improper re-imbursement requests and have taken full responsibility for that and will continue to take responsibility for anything that is improper,” she said in an interview with the Los Alamos Monitor Wednesday.

“I will continue working with not only the auditor but also the coalition and anyone else that would have been involved in any improper expenditure so that it’s paid back in full.”